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Innovative Doctoring Technology

Product news: SensorBlade

    SensorBlade – a reliable service tool for doctor blades

    SensorBlade is equipped with sensors that are used as a service tool for detecting incorrect settings of the doctor system. Using the latest sensor technology, our experts create a digital report on doctor blade work and force distribution. Thanks to this detailed report, the causes of problems are visualized and clear measures and potential savings are identified.

    The perfect blade for your application

      Voith is your competent and innovative partner for the whole production process. Advanced solutions in products, logistics and customer care create essential benefits for papermakers.

      SkyLine products can be used independently of the roll cover manufacturer.

      Through decades of experience in the roll cover sector, the development of the SkyLine doctoring technology was the logical step to achieve the perfect combination of roll, roll cover and doctor blade. Skyline delivers measurable added value in terms of running time, paper machine efficiency and cost savings for the paper mill – especially in challenging positions of the paper machine.

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      Inventory management system

        Get an inside look at the Voith Inventory Management System and explore the benefits.
        With the Voith Inventory Management system you now have 24/7 access to coater and doctor blades for every machine position - without having to maintain an expensive overhead of supplies or the time spent managing a store.
        Matthias Breidsprecher, Senior Director, Corporate Accounts - Voith Paper Inc. North America

        * The Inventory Management System is presently available only in North America

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        t +1 984 777 4899

        Voith Inventory Management System*

        Discover a new level of efficiency and an opportunity to boost your profitability.

        • Ensures blade availability with close proximity to paper machine
        • Automatically replenishes inventory
        • Provides fast access
        • Reduces on-hand inventory and time spent managing stores
        • Minimizes purchase orders and invoice processing
        • Provides audit trail and user accountability

        • SkyLine Coating and Doctoring Technology

          SkyLine Coating and Doctoring Technology


        Find your blade

          With expertise and know-how, Voith is your specialist for demanding doctor blade positions.

          SkyLine blades from Voith can be used in any paper machine - for all types of applications. They generate measurable value with extended lifetime, increased paper machine efficiency and cost savings, particularly on demanding paper machine positions. Custom dimensions, bevels and other special requirements regarding the material are available on request.

          Product highlights

            SkySoft: Strong against wear, soft on the paper web

            • Cost savings due to less machine downtime
            • Increased machine performance by combining optimal Yankee metallization and creping blade
            • Customized solutions for every requirement; all operation bevels possible
            • Consistent and homogeneous tissue quality, reliable outputs and quality

            SkySeal Plus: Advanced technology for dryer section

            SkySeal Plus is a highly efficient sealing strip. It was developed for the special requirements of the Voith stabilizers and offers cutting-edge technology in the dryer section.

            SkyTop Plus

            Intensive cleaning efficiency and optimum sheet release.


            SkyTop Plus consists of a fiber composite that contains the proven combination of cleaning and reinforcement fibers. It creates a well cleaned and finely conditioned roll surface, improves sheet release and adapts optimal to the roll surface. SkyTop Plus also withstands extreme mechanical loads.

            SkyCal: High efficiency through continuous renewal

            Thanks to hard carbon and a specially developed epoxy, SkyCal doctor blades provide constantly high but gentle cleaning capacity on roll covers. Thanks to the continuous renewal of the blade over the entire service life, SkyCal is optimized for the requirements of the calender section. It delivers the best cleaning results and contributes to the highest quality finished paper.

            SkyCal blades, like all SkyLine blades, can be used in any paper machine, regardless of the manufacturer. Each blade can be individually adjusted to customer requirements so that the optimal conditions always prevail between roll, roller cover and blade.

            Our production facility for customized doctor blades

              Customized doctor blades

              Did you know that we have combined our entire development and production of doctor blades in our production facility in Theresienfeld, Austria? This is where Voith specialists produce doctor, coater and creping blades.

              Doctoring technology - How can we help you?


                Ralf Moser

                Product Manager Finishing Section


                m +49 1717274115

                Services for doctor blades - Part of your business

                  You make paper. We take care of your doctoring technology.

                  As a full liner, Voith offers complete doctoring systems and comprehensive blade services. The Voith experts analyze and question problems or irregularities from several aspects. Based on fault indications, they search for possible causes and support the customer so the machine runs optimally and as fast as possible. The service hotline is available 24/7.

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