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BHS Diaphragm Couplings

A BHS diaphragm coupling converts torque reliably, safely, and without wear or the need for maintenance. Equipped with single or double diaphragms, these con­nection couplings cover a performance range between 100 and 70 000 kW.

The EconTors single diaphragm coupling runs at speeds up to 8 000 rpm in medium-speed applications, whereas the TwinTors double-diaphragm coupling is used in high-performance compressors or test rigs at speeds up to 80 000 rpm.

Designs are available for all possible connection applications. The rotor dynamics, noise, and airflow characteristics of the couplings can be optimized as needed.

BHS high-performance diaphragm couplings are extremely robust, and their ability to compensate for an angular displacement of up to 0.5 degrees increases drive train operational reliability.

Over 2 000 BHS diaphragm couplings are currently in use around the world.

Customers value these diaphragm couplings together with BHS turbo gear units

Technical data

Power transmission 0.1 – 70 MW
Speeds up to 80 000 rpm
Torque up to 1 500 000 Nm
Design models EconTors®: (single diaphragm)
TwinTors®: (double-diaphragm)
Connection type
  • Inside hub
  • Outside hub
  • Flange
Diaphragm-sleeve connection
  • Bolted
  • Welded
  • Adhesive (CFRP sleeve)
Meets the following standards
  • API 671
  • ISO 10441
  • ATEX, Zone 1 and 2
Special designs
  • Torque-sensing spacer sleeve
  • Lightweight design (CFRP)
  • Low-windage design (optimized air flow characteristics)


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Advantages and Benefits

BHS diaphragm couplings from Voith

  • are always adapted to the operator's technical requirements and, thanks to their durability and reliability, deliver a very favorable total cost volume (CAPEX + OpEx).
  • are designed to provide the best rotor dynamic characteristics. This ensures a high level of safety.
  • feature wear-free design minimizing maintenance expenses.
  • feature very low turbulence, making special noise-protection measures, cooling and monitoring equipment unnecessary. No extra investments for these are needed.

Typical applications

EconTors® single diaphragm coupling,
used as connection to

  • Generator / electric motor
  • Diesel or gas engine
  • Pumps
  • Axial, piston and screw compressors
  • Water, steam and gas turbines
  • Fans / ventilators


TwinTors® double diaphragm coupling,
used as connection to

  • Steam and gas turbines
  • Radial compressors
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Test articles
  • Fans / ventilators



  • Power plants
  • Oil & gas (upstream, midstream, downstream)
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Steel
  • Test beds

Technical information



BHS Diaphragm Coupling Characteristics

Excellent rotordynamics thanks to

  • lightweight design
  • low and definable restorative forces
  • no self-generated vibrations
  • low overhung moment
  • high balancing quality

No maintenance and repair requirements, because they...

  • are wear-free
  • need no lubrication
  • are frictionless (continuous diaphragm element)

Low heat generation and turbulence, due to

  • small bolts and screws
  • small diaphragm diameter