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Oil drilling platform offshore with variable speed drive

Variable Speed Drives: Leading Efficiency Meets Optimum Speed

Perfect Control – From 100 kW to 65,000 kW

    Efficient, reliable control of the speed of motor-driven machines is crucial to a wide range of industries and applications. Our solutions for variable speed drives (VSD) keep your systems running at the optimum speed.

    Whether an engine is electric or combustion, Voith provides you with reliable and efficient products for variable speed drives. Supporting transmittable power ranges from 100 kW to 65,000 kW, our portfolio of robust solutions, including the cutting-edge VECO-Drive and Vorecon NX, provides peace of mind that your designs are engineered to keep up the pace – day after day.

    Select Your VSD Area of Interest:

    Product Highlight: VECO-Drive

      A New Solution for Speed Control

      Ideal for compressors and pumps, the new VECO-Drive offers the most efficient speed control. A low voltage variable frequency drive (VFD) controls the servomotors and a superimposed planetary gear adjusts the output speed for the driven machine.

      With additional power supplied by the servo motor to the drive train, a smaller main motor can be used, reducing your capital expenditures. The servomotors also function as starters, protecting the electrical grid against high inrush currents.

      Efficiency and Speed: VECO-Drive’s Key Benefits

      • High output speed for compressors and pumps
      • Peak component efficiency of up to 97%
      • Reliable: over 34,000 successful variable speed installations
      • Significant cost savings of up to more than €100,000
      • Service network in over 60 countries
      • Perfect Speed Control

      VECO-Drive Webinar – Boost Your Drive Efficiency By Up to 97%

        Complete the form to access the free VECO-Drive Webinar. In it, you will learn how the VECO-Drive works, opening up new possibilities to optimize your system. VECO-Drive – Get the Drive.

        Bernd Lauter quote Voith VECO-Drive
        We are taking speed control to a whole new level.
        Bernd Lauter, Head of Electric Drives and Controls
        Martin Tilscher quote Voith VECO-Drive
        Raising efficiency to over 97 percent controls your compressors and pumps more efficiently than ever.
        Dr. Martin Tilscher, Product Manager for Geared Variable Speed Drives
        Norbert Vogt quote Voith VECO-Drive
        Grid loads caused by high inrush current are a thing of the past.
        Norbert Vogt, Sales Support Manager

        Product Highlight: Vorecon NX

          The Latest Advances for Efficient Control of Compressors and Pumps

          The Vorecon NX series marks the latest advances in hydrodynamic power transmission combined with a variable speed planetary gear. It’s designed to control your motor-driven machines in the low-power range with utmost efficiency and reliability. The Vorecon NX is particularly suitable for use in pipeline compressors in the oil and gas industry.

          Reliable Efficiency: Vorecon NX’s Key Benefits

          • Our most economical solution for up to 10 MW
          • 48 years mean time between failures (MTBF)
          • 8% higher efficiency at partial load
          • Proven Vorecon technology at a highly competitive price

          Choose your Product Line

            Vorecon Variable Speed Planetary Gears

            Combining reliable mechanical design with hydrodynamic power transmission, a Vorecon variable speed planetary gear expertly controls the speed of pumps, compressors and fans.

            With a Vorecon solution from Voith, the process at hand determines the speed at which your machine is driven. The result: tremendous energy savings in comparison to throttle or bypass control systems. Experience has shown that our customers can amortize a Vorecon installation in just a few years of service. And hydrodynamic power transmission is wear-free.

            Success story: US-based gas pipeline operator Williams relies on a Vorecon variable speed planetary gear for speed control.

            Your Benefits at a Glance

            • Excellent overall efficiency: up to 2% better than electronic variable speed drive systems
            • Extremely long lifetime
            • Minimum installation space

            Key Technical Data

            • Power: 1-50 MW
            • Output speed: Up to 20,000 rpm
            • MTBF: ~ 48 years
            • Reliability: ~ 99.98%


            Areas of Application

            From power plants to LNG, Vorecon variable speed planetary gears are successfully used worldwide in compressors and pumps throughout the oil, gas and power industries.

            Key Components: Planetary Gear

            Discover what goes into a Voith planetary gear and see it in action.
            Vorecon variable speed planetary gear applications
            Voith Vorecon animation shows how it works

            How Vorecon Works

            Click the animation for a real-life animation of Vorecon RWC.
            Please notice: Long loading time because of large file size (60 MB).
            • Scheme - Vorecon variable speed planetary gear applications

              PDF, 2.68 MB

            Geared Variable Speed Couplings

            Variable speed drives fitted with a Voith geared variable speed coupling are compact, efficient – and offer unbeatable reliability.

            A product proven to provide 99.97% reliability is something you can count on in your designs – such as a geared variable speed coupling from Voith. In addition to their outstanding reliability, they are suitable for power of up to 30 MW and output speeds of up to 20,000 rpm. Used in combination, a standard motor and a geared variable speed coupling from Voith make a strong team in thermal power plants and in oil and gas industry applications.

            But what makes our geared variable speed coupling really stand out is its ability to perform three functions in one: speed control, transmission for speed conversion, and lube oil delivery to the entire driveline, thanks to its integrated oil supply system. We also guarantee that you can procure spare parts over the product’s entire lifetime.

            Two people mounting a geared variable speed coupling

            Your Benefits at a Glance

            • Three in one: speed control, transmission for speed conversion and integrated oil supply
            • Compact and efficient
            • Unbeatable reliability

            Key Technical Data

            • Power: 1-30 MW
            • Output speed: Up to 20,000 rpm
            • Lifetime: Over 30 years
            • Reliability: ~ 99.97%


            Areas of Application

            Engineered to withstand harsh ambient conditions and potentially explosive atmospheres, our geared variable speed couplings are ideal for pumps and compressors used in the oil and gas industries as well as in thermal and nuclear power plants.

            • Scheme - Geared variable speed coupling applications

              PDF, 0.83 MB

            Variable Speed Fluid Couplings

            The hydrodynamic principle combined with a simple and robust structure gives these variable speed fluid couplings the high reliability needed to excel under virtually any environmental conditions.

            In power ranges from 100 kW to 10,000 kW, and with input speeds up to 3,600 rpm, our variable speed fluid couplings enable cost-effective, precise and stepless speed control of motor-driven machines. With over 15,000 installations, Voith’s variable speed fluid couplings provide you with one of the best-documented solutions on the market.

            Worker mounting a variable speed fluid coupling

            Your Benefits at a Glance

            • Increased reliability of entire drive train
            • Shock and vibration dampening
            • Robust design suitable for outdoor and extreme conditions
            • Two-in-one: speed variator and lube oil system

            Key Technical Data

            • Power: 100-10,000 kW
            • Design: Horizontal or vertical
            • Lifetime: Over 30 years
            • Motor speeds: up to 3.600 rpm


            Areas of Application

            Our variable speed fluid couplings are mainly used for pumps and fan drives in applications such as power, oil and gas industries as well as in the mining and material production industry, i.e. for belt conveyor drives.

            Vorecon variable speed planetary gear applications

            Witness Powerful Efficiency: Voith’s Variable Speed Fluid Couplings

            See how our variable speed fluid couplings save space and energy and increase reliability and the entire driveline’s service life in combined cycle power plants.

            Hydrodynamic Torque Converters

            Reliability and customization are the essence of our hydrodynamic torque converters for industrial applications.

            Based on the fundamentals of hydrodynamic power transmission, Voith torque converters offer great versatility when it comes to torque and speed modulation. Each solution is customized to the exact characteristics of each driven machine in your application.

            Compact and robust, our durable hydrodynamic torque converters offer variable speed and starting solutions – from 100 up to 250,000 kW. We have been manufacturing hydrodynamique torcque converters since 1950 for industrial applications.

            Cross section of versatile hydrodynamic torque converter

            Your Benefits at a Glance

            • Highest reliability
            • Precise torque and speed control for a wide power range
            • Easily handles high breakaway torque and high inertia
            • Robust design even suitable for subsea applications

            Key Technical Data

            • Power: 100-250,000 kW
            • Output torque: Up to 1,500,000 Nm and higher
            • Input Speeds: 500 rpm-6,000 rpm
            • Output Speeds: 0 rpm-12,000 rpm
            • MTBF: Over 100 years

            Areas of Application

            Hydrodynamic torque converters are ideal for use in a wide range of applications, such as:

            • Gas turbine starters
            • Subsea pumps
            • Test stands
            • Starter packages
            • Vorecon
            • Vosycon
            • Others...

            Product shot of revolutionary pump drive and coupling system
            Revolutionary Pump Drive and Coupling System Cuts Costs

            Voith has partnered with Fuglesangs Subsea to develop an advanced pump drive and coupling system, leading to outstanding reliability and huge costs savings. By integrating a Voith torque converter into the pump on the sea floor, electrical variable frequency drives on the topside are no longer required for speed control.

            Contact Thomas Täuber at
            or +49 7951 3215 13.



            Gas Turbine Starters

            High breakaway torque and superior acceleration power for a reliable start-up of gas turbines.

            Subsea Pumps

            The cost effective and reliable solution for subsea variable speed pump and compressor drives.

            Test Stands

            The start-up and variable speed solution for large -scale compressor test stands up to 150MW.

            Voith Vorecon

            The Voith torque converter is one of the key elements when it comes to achieving variable speed inside our Voith Vorecon.

            Voith Vosycon

            The variable start-up solution for high inertia drivetrains that brings high efficient continuous operation by means of a mechanical lock-up.

            Starter Packages

            The pony motor start-up solution for large electric motors at weak grids and / or high loads.

            Other Applications

            The hydrodynamic torque converter is also used for other applications:
            • Volumetric pumps
            • Extruders
            • Agitators
            • Chain conveyors
            • Winches
            • ...

            Questions About Variable Speed Drives?
            Contact Us.


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              Service Solutions and Engineering Support

                Count On Us for Service Solutions

                As a valued Voith customer, you benefit from our years of experience in the variable speed drives market.

                We offer the right service solutions to ensure that your motor-driven machines continue operating safely and reliably. Turn to our power transmission experts for advice on and assistance with your projects.

                Engineering and Design Support for Variable Speed Drives

                Sometimes we all can use a helping hand. At Voith, we are pleased to provide engineering and design support for all products in our portfolio.

                Our support offering includes:

                • Train torsional analysis
                • Lateral vibration analysis
                • 3D rotor dynamic calculation
                • Finite element calculation
                • Earthquake simulation

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