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Voith Electrical Drive System

Next stop: E-mobility – with the new Voith Electrical Drive System

    The perfect drive system for changing intra-urban mobility: As an established system supplier with many years of experience and a partner to the bus industry, we have combined our comprehensive know-how in the fields of drive systems, E-mobility and telematic applications. Voith has developed a pioneering electrical drive system for local public transit. The Voith Electrical Drive System (VEDS).

    System changeover – with maximum safety ensured through a complete solution from a single source

    Mobility changeover in local public transit can be achieved at minimum expense and maximum safety. With the integrated system approach of the Voith Electrical Drive System (VEDS), all system components are perfectly matched and work together in a perfect way. It begins with hardware components such as electric motors, traction inverters and high-voltage distribution systems, and extends to software components such as drive control and energy management. In this way, switching to E-mobility can be achieved without the risk of time-consuming and costly applications or potential system incompatibilities. The VEDS can be flexibly integrated into buses from the widest range of manufacturers.

    Quiet, reliable and powerful – the innovative drive system that provides the driving force

    The VEDS combines a powerful, water-cooled, permanent magnet motor with a high-efficiency inverter but without the need for a separate transmission. As a result, the drive system is provides a low-weight solution, which enables less energy consumption during operation and a range increase. In addition, the drive system can be freely used in continuous barrier-free low-floor buses due to its compact design. Another great feature: All components are water-cooled. In combination with the direct drive the system has a low noise level. Performance is another key factor. With torque of 3,100 Nm and a power of 340 kW, it can drive even heavy articulated buses or double-decker buses effortless and reliable.

    Key advantages of the Voith Electrical Drive System at a glance

    • Safer, simpler changeover to E-mobility which offers environmental, citizen-friendly local public transit.
    • Minimum noise level both inside and outside the bus thanks to the direct drive system and water cooling.
    • No local NOx or particulate emissions.
    • Integral system approach that involves minimum integration effort and offers maximum reliability.
    • High-performance motor concept, suitable for heavy articulated and double-decker buses.
    • Compact design suitable for barrier-free, low-floor buses; optimized range due to low system weight; energy recovery while braking and self-learning energy management software.
    • Supports all established battery systems on the market and can be integrated into any vehicle.

    VEDS – components and technology at a glance

    The VEDS was specially developed to meet public transit needs. It can be integrated into bus designs from all established manufacturers and can interact flexibly with range all battery systems. To provide maximum range, the VEDS combines low weight, energy recovery while braking and a self-learning, smart energy management system. The system's high energy efficiency permits long range performance while in most urban bus applications, inter-day recharging can be avoided.

    VEDS components and technology at a glance

    The Drive Management Unit (DMU) – smart energy management for maximum range

    The high level DMU controls dynamics along the vehicle's major axis and coordinates overall energy management both during operation and when charging. Battery capacity can be put to best use, thus reaching the maximum range, through the utilization of smart control for all auxiliary componentry. A special feature: The DMU has a single central interface where all VEDS components come together to allow quick and simple system diagnosis. This significantly simplifies and accelerates maintenance and service.

    The Plug & Play Roof Rack – an assembled, complete system requiring minimum installation times

    The Voith Plug & Play Roof Rack accommodates all electrical cabling for the VEDS and auxiliary users. With its modular structure, individual components can be replaced quickly and with minimum effort. An especially practical feature: As all components are assembled on the Plug & Play Roof Rack before integration on the bus roof, the vehicle integration time is reduced two- to three times.

    The motor – high efficiency, small installation space, low weight

    The water-cooled, permanent magnet motor provides high power density even at low speeds. Peak torque is 3,100 Nm, while maximum power is 340 kW. Consequently, the motor is also suitable for driving heavy articulated and double-decker buses up to 29 tons with a maximum  gradeability of 15 percent. The maximum  gradeability can be more than 20% for a 19 ton low-floor Solo bus.

    The Traction Inverter – high efficiency, smart and water-cooled

    The water-cooled, IP6K9K protection class  integrated inverter is even suitable for installation in road vehicle engine compartments. It operates with variable clock frequency and has a built-in brake chopper and safety controller.
    VEDS in use
    Emission-free local public transit in Swabia

    This is where the future begins - in serial production: The German city Schwäbisch Hall, together with urban bus operator Transdev, has introduced a mobility changeover in local public transit. Voith has been there from the start as the system supplier: Starting in 2019, the first three Solaris buses equipped with VEDS will start daily operation in Schwäbisch Hall.

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