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WebDetect -nx

WebDetect -nx

Detecting web breaks in a reliable, fail-safe way

WebDetect -nx provides an optimized method for detecting web breaks. This method uses four light sources in the visible and infrared ranges to detect a web break using reflection. Unnecessary downtimes due to false positives are thus avoided. WebDetect -nx is installed in single-tier and two-tier dryer sections as well as on coaters in the dryer area.


The measuring principle is based on a spectroscopic method that takes into consideration the special optical characteristics and changes to the paper web and the dryer fabric. This does not impair break detection, either due to changing paper characteristics (moisture and base weight fluctuations) or due to the aging and the discoloration of the clothing. Reliable results can even be achieved when the paper is darker than the fabric beneath it or in case of poor contrast between similar colors.

Web breaks are also clearly detected. WebDetect -nx processes the measurements using a high-speed signal processor. In this way, outside light influences are compensated, the measurement signal filtered, and trigger thresholds are precisely calculated and adaptively adjusted.

Operation is particularly convenient. WebDetect -nx can be comfortably monitored and controlled from the control room by means of the process control system. Maintenance and diagnostic notifications round out the ease of maintenance.