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C-bar Insert

Intelligent screen basket design withstands highest stress

The new screen basket C-bar Insert combines maximum stability with short downtimes and low investment and maintenance costs, and the proven C-bar technology. It can be used in cages from Voith and other manufacturers.

C-bar Insert offers a maintenance-friendly design consisting of two screen surfaces. The screen basket halves are clamped into the basket and additionally screwed. Therefore the screen basket can be replaced quickly and easily, but still providing remarkable stability. C-bar Insert obtains additional protection through a special hard chrome layer. The high wear resistance is especially essential at high mechanical loads, e.g. caused by high contaminant loads. The replacement of comparable low-wear screen baskets available on the market is often very time-consuming resulting in longer machine downtimes.

C-bar Insert is used in screening and is especially suitable for high consistencies and high rotor speeds. The screen surface can be tailored to the local application and production conditions. The C-bar Insert screen basket can be used in cages from Voith and other manufacturers.


Christian Gommeringer

Global Product Manager Screening


t +49 751 83 3563