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CompactPulper CP

CompactPulper CP

High operating efficiency with broke pulping

The CompactPulper CP ensures reliable pulping of broke through improved rotor contact and a higher circulation rate.

Thanks to its narrow and compact design, the CompactPulper CP requires minimal space. It is available with one to four pulping units per container and with a container width of up to 12 meters. Each pulping unit has an installed power of between 55 and 900 kW.

Due to an adjustable gap between rotor and screen, it is suitable for various applications. An effective turnover with low vat height, improved rotor contact with the gear unit, and the higher circulation rate give a more intensive pulping with simultaneous low energy consumption.

The CompactPulper CP is used with couch and press broke and with dry broke. It processes stock consistencies between 3% and 6%.


Sebastian Schuster

Global Product Manager


t + 49 751 83 2136