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EclipseR Rotor

Unique geometry for maximum energy savings

Voith EclipseR rotor

In the sorting process, high levels of impurities cause rapid wear and a high maintenance effort of rotors. Voith's EclipseR rotor not only withstands high reject levels, but also saves up to 35% of your energy requirements. Convincing arguments, as the EclipseR rotor is already successfully used in several production lines.

Because of its novel foil geometry and configuration, the EclipseR rotor facilitates optimal screening efficiency, especially in screening applications that are heavily loaded with impurities. The flat but effective foil geometry of the EclipseR rotor generates a strong suction impulse and keeps the screen free for the highest throughput, even with high pulp consistencies of up to 5%.

The EclipseR rotor was developed specifically for screening applications that are energy-intensive and heavily loaded with impurities. It is suitable for use in stock preparation, broke and pulp screening by Voith screening systems and all common machines from other manufacturers.


Christian Gommeringer

Global Product Manager Screening


t +49 751 83 3563