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Efficient pulping of recovered paper and pulp bales in stock preparation

IntensaPulper facilitates efficient pulping of fibers from virgin pulp, recovered paper or paper machine broke in stock preparation. 

BlueLine Advantages

Higher Runability

A strong seal and stable drive reduce maintenance intervals to a minimum.

Lower Energy Consumption

The flow-optimized vat design, in combination with the eccentrically arranged rotor, produces intensive turbulence. This results in improved mixing at a lower energy input.

The Intensa technology from Voith offers quick and intensive mixing of the suspension in the pulper. The flow-optimized vat of the pulper, in combination with the eccentrically arranged rotor, generates a perfect turbulence. As a result, a quicker mixing of the suspension and an accelerated bale intake will be achieved. The double-cone bottom of IntensaPulper creates a flow-optimized transition from the pulper bottom to the cylindrical trough wall.

IntensaPulper IP-R is specifically designed for the pulping of recovered paper at a high pulping stock consistency. The rotor configuration ensures a reliable ragger operation, and the number of ragger breaks can be reduced to once a month. The double-coned bottom combined with the baffle urges the coarse heavy contaminants towards the reject discharge allowing a reliable removal in the Junkomat.

IntensaPulper IP-V enables an efficient pulping of virgin fibers, clean recovered paper or broke in batch or continuous mode. A bale breaker divides the bales and thus contributes to an increase in production capacity. A trap for heavy parts ensures the separation of wires.

IntensaPulper from Voith achieves a significant increase in production capacity, while keeping the pulping quality consistently high. Significant energy savings of up to 25% are obtained in comparison to conventional low consistency pulpers, thus high cost savings can be achieved.


Wolfgang Müller

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 3268


  • Energy-efficient LC pulping of recovered paper – IntensaPulper IP-R

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  • Energy-efficient pulping of virgin paper – IntensaPulper IP-V

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With the new BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.