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IntensaRotor R

IntensaRotor R

High level of pulping performance and low energy consumption

IntensaRotor R is used to pulp all sorts of secondary fibers. Due to its new rotor design, it brings about low energy consumption and an optimal pulping effect.

The newly designed IntensaRotor R with perfect pulping performance and the lowest (specific) energy consumption ensures optimal ragger operation due to its smooth design. In addition, its potential for up to 20% specific energy savings is impressive.

A separate rotor-hub connection allows easy setting of the distance between rotor and screen plate. The pulping quality with IntensaRotor R is consistent and the operating conditions are stable. Due to its intelligent design and low refurbishing costs, the maintenance costs are low.

IntensaRotor R is available for a broad range of low-consistency pulpers, including pulpers from other manufacturers.