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IPV Rotor

Efficient pulping in stock preparation

The new design of the Voith IPV Rotor achieves energy-saving and at the same time efficient pulping in stock preparation.

During the pulping stage of stock preparation, virgin fibers, recovered paper or broke is fed to the pulpers and suspended in water. In this context, it is a key requirement that the rotor and screen plate both work efficiently and reliably. Thanks to the wider rotor blades and softer curves, the newly developed design of the IPV Rotor enables a greater pumping action or circulation of the stock in the pulper vat. In combination with Voith’s NDuraPlate B screen plate, the efficient deflaking of the fibers is substantially improved as a result and energy savings of up to 30% can be made. In addition, the new kinds of rotor materials used result in long service life and lower maintenance costs.

The newly developed IPV Rotor is used for pulping of primary raw materials such as virgin pulp, TMP or similar materials as well as clean recovered paper or broke. The rotor can be used in all models of the IntensaPulper IP-V and VS range from Voith and in various machines from other manufacturers.