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MultiScreen MSS

MultiScreen MSS

High operational reliability due to spin-free rotor

The MultiScreen MSS ensures optimal removal of stickies and efficient screening of pulp suspensions in the low consistency range.

By using a MultiFoil rotor for optimized flow conditions and C-bar screen baskets, the screening is efficient and free of malfunctions. The centrifugal screening principle with the rotor on the inlet side gives outstanding screening results. The MultiScreen MSS can be equipped with perforated or slotted screen baskets and combined with various speed variants, making it suitable for all applications. Precisely graduated installation sizes allow optimal adaptation to required throughputs.

The MultiScreen MSS is used in stock preparation systems for screening of all paper stock suspensions in the low consistency range and gives high operational reliability.


Paul-Wilhelm Sepke

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 2511