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NDura Rotor Fiberizer

Longer service life and high stability in pulping

The NDura™ Rotor Fiberizer is equipped with a star rotor made of highly wear-resistant stainless steel (chill casting), which extends the service life. In addition, a special hub design protects the shaft.

Due to its one-piece star rotor design, the NDura Rotor Fiberizer is very stable and has high dimensional accuracy. The edges were given extra heat treatment for a longer service life. The separate hub allows faster replacement.

Since the hub does not have to be dismantled during a change of rotor, downtimes are shortened. In addition, the NDura Rotor Fiberizer provides important cost advantages: The service life of the star rotor is extended, as it is made of highly wear-resistant stainless steel (chill casted). Replacement is limited to the wear parts.

The NDura Rotor Fiberizer is used in the low-consistency detrashing system for secondary fiber applications. The rotor type is used in TwinPulp™ II systems.