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NDuraPlate D

High quality screen plates for longer service life



The newly developed hole design of the NDuraPlateTM D results in better performance and longer service life. The high quality NDura material improves robustness and wear resistance.

The product name of the NDuraPlate D is derived from the term daisy, because the new designed perforation is inspired by the shape of the flower. The newly developed screen plate consists of two levels. At a lower level, the countersunk holes represent the center of the daisy. The upper level is composed of standard holes arranged like petals around the center. In interaction with a rotor, the new adjustment creates microturbulences on the plate surface. This leads to faster and better purification of the plate.

The improvements of the newly designed hole shape of the NDuraPlate D result in either a high increase of the throughput or flake and loss reduction. Production efficiency steadily increases, while the fiber percentage in the rejects remains constant. These advantages lead to significant energy savings as well as a return on investment in up to four months.

Combined with the Voith rotors for flat screen machines, the interaction with the NDuraPlate D enables extraordinary optimization of the screening process.