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Pulsation damper

Pulsation damper

Efficiently reducing pulsations in the approach flow system

The pulsation damper is upstream of the headbox and guides the stock suspension from the feed to machine-wide distribution. It dampens high-frequency disturbances from screens and pumps.

A damping plate with stepped holes dampens the high frequency disturbances. In addition, a big internal air cushion captures low frequency pulsations that can be generated by level fluctuations in upstream units. By minimizing fluctuations, the paper quality is stabilized, and production becomes more reliable. The material level in the pulsation damper and the compressed air load in the container are controlled by a small outlet opening with a special valve. A central spray nozzle keeps the interior of the container moist and therefore clean.

The pulsation damper is used at headboxes for Fourdrinier wire and hybrid former paper machines.