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Service Universal Joint Shafts, Cardan Shafts, Drive Shafts

Voith's Universal Joint Shaft Service will increase the availability and service life of your system.

Expertise and innovative spirit make Voith a leading supplier in the industry - supporting you over the entire service life of your system.

For us, service means quality and dependability that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

We stand by you, anywhere in the world, for the entire service life of your system. You can count on us, from planning and commissioning to maintenance. Voith's Universal Joint Shaft Service will increase the availability and service life of your system.


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Universal Joint Shafts (amg)

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Our Offers

Service solutions for Universal Joint Shafts

Original Voith Spare Parts

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Nothing fits better.

Using original spare and wear parts will help reduce operating risk. Only original parts are manufactured with Voith knowhow and can guarantee reliable and safe operation of your Voith products.
High availability and efficient logistics guarantee quick delivery of parts around the world.

Your benefits

  • Safe and reliable operation of all components
  • The highest quality parts that fi t exactly
  • Maximum service life of drive elements
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • High degree of system availability
  • Fast spare parts delivery
Flange yokes

What we offer

  • Most original spare and wear parts warehoused at our service branches
  • Same-day shipment of in-stock parts (for orders received by 11 a.m.)
  • Consultation with your spare parts management staff
  • Preparation of project-specific spare and wear parts packages
  • Spare parts also available for older generations of Voith universal joint shafts

Spare Units

Voith WearCare 500 in 45 kg and 180 kg drums

Ensure availability, saving time.

High-performance lubricant for universal joint shafts

High-performance lubricant for universal joint shafts Voith development engineers have combined their universal joint shaft know-how with the tribology know-how of renowned bearing and lubricant manufacturers. The result of this cooperation is an innovative and exclusive lubricant with properties that far exceed those of conventional lubricants. This lubricant gives bearings in universal joint shafts operating at low speeds and under high loads an even longer service life. In addition, lubrication intervals can be extended and emergency dry-running characteristics are improved significantly.

Characteristics of Voith's WearCare 500 high-performance lubricant

  • Optimum adhesion and surface wetting
  • Exceptional corrosion protection
  • Maximum ability to withstand pressure
  • Optimum and long-lasting lubricating action
  • Can be mixed with lithium-based greases
  • High resistance to aging
  • Excellent compatibility with all bearing components
  • Contains no silicone and copper-based ingredients


  • Lubricating fi lm even in the event of underlubrication
  • Formulated for oscillating bearing motion
  • Ideal for rolling mills
  • Hydrodynamic lubricating fi lm even under maximum torque conditions
  • Minimal abrasive wear in the bearing
  • Extended lubrication intervals
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Simple conversion to Voith's high-performance lubricant
  • Long shelf life
  • No softening of bearing seals
  • Does not corrode nonferrous metals
  • Suitable for aluminum rolling mills

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul @ Voith

In the best of hands.

Constant operation subjects universal joint shafts to natural wear, which is also influenced by the environment.

Regular professional overhauls of your universal joint shaft will prevent damage and reduce the risk of expensive production downtimes. You get operational reliability while saving money in the long term.

Your benefits

  • The security that professional maintenance provides
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • Increased system availability

What we offer

  • Maintenance or complete overhaul by our service experts with all the special tools and fixtures necessary
  • Use of original spare and wear parts
  • Consultation regarding your maintenance strategy

Even the best preventive maintenance cannot rule out unplanned downtime due to equipment failure. When this happens, the priority is to repair the components and equipment as quickly as possible.
As the manufacturer, we not only have a wealth of knowledge about universal joint shafts, but we also possess the necessary technical competence, experience, and tools to ensure professional and speedy repair. Our service technicians can quickly assess damage and provide suggestions for rapid correction.

Your benefits

  • The security that a proper repair provides
  • Manufacturer's warranty
  • The shortest possible outage and downtime
  • Prevention of repeat outages or malfunctions

What we offer

  • Fast and professional repairs that meet our safety standards on-site at your location or at one of our certified Voith Service Centers around the world
  • Experienced damage assessment, including vulnerability analysis
  • Fast delivery of original spare parts

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul on Site

Fast and reliable.

Correct installation of a universal joint shaft is a must for trouble-free commissioning.

A systematic commissioning procedure with extensive operational testing is an important factor in achieving maximum reliability and a long operational life for your universal joint shaft and the system as a whole.

Your benefits

  • Immediate access to expert know-how during the entire start-up phase
  • Assurance of trouble-free and professional commissioning for your universal joint shaft

What we offer

  • Installation and commissioning by our service experts
  • Training for operating and maintenance personnel

Retrofit & Modernization

Performance improvement.

Technology is continually advancing, which means that the original requirements on which the design of a system was based could change over time.

Voith can help you realize significant improvements in efficiency and reliability through a tailored upgrade or retrofit of your old drive elements, e.g., slipper spindles. We analyze, advise, and upgrade universal joint shafts – including connection components – in order to keep you equipped with the latest and most economical technology.

Your benefits

  • Improved reliability, availability and affordability of your drive system
  • Reduced operating costs
  • A universal joint shaft that features the latest technology

What we offer

  • Modification or redesign of your universal joint shafts and connection components
  • Competent consultation regarding modernization opportunities, including the design of the driveline

Technical Services & Engineering

Your Expert – in any situation

Efficiency, reliability and availability are essential factors in ensuring the success of your system. This requires having the best-trained employees in technology and servicing. Initial and ongoing training are indispensable investments that will ensure the efficient operation of your universal joint shafts.

Our training programs arm your staff with specific technical knowledge about our products. Your staff will be up to speed with the latest Voith technology – in theory and in practice.

Your benefits

  • Safer use of Voith products
  • Prevention of operating and maintenance errors
  • Better understanding of Voith technology in the driveline

What we offer

  • Product training at Voith or on-site at your location
  • Theoretical and practical maintenance and repair training
We deliver not just products but ideas, too! Reap the benefit of our many years of engineering know-how in all matters related to projects involving complete drivelines, from design calculations, installation and commissioning, to questions about cost-optimized operation and maintenance concepts.

Engineering services

  • Preparation of specifications
  • Preparation of project-specific drawings
  • Torsional and bending vibration calculations
  • Design and sizing of universal joint shafts and connecting components
  • Clarification of special requirements from the operator
  • Preparation of installation and maintenance instructions
  • Documentation and certifications
  • Special acceptance tests conducted by classifying and certifying agencies

Special universal joint shafts

Designing special universal joint shafts to match your drive and your operating conditions is just one of the regular engineering services we offer. This includes:

  • Any necessary design work
  • Strength tests and optimization of the designs using FEM analysis
  • Dynamic testing to ensure maximum reliability
Positioning and supporting a universal joint shaft and its wobbler and connection flanges requires a support mechanism.



  • Rolling mills
  • Customer-specific drives


  • Increased productivity and system availability as a result of significantly reduced maintenance downtime
  • Reduced energy and lubricant costs as well as higher transmission efficiency through the use of roller bearings
  • Reduced wear thanks to uniform power transmission
Monitoring system

ACIDA monitoring systems from Voith have proven their worth in monitoring.

Being able to directly measure the actual, mechanical drive load provides important information for process monitoring and plant optimization. Analysis modules, for instance load spectra or service life monitoring, have been specially developed for extremely heavy-duty drives and unusually severe load conditions. Additional options include online vibration diagnosis for gearboxes and roller bearings.


  • Torque monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Process optimization
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Reference systems: Rolling mills, cement mills, briquetting plants, agitators, conveying equipment, ship propulsion systems, locomotives, paper machines, mining, etc.


  • Permanent or temporary torque sensors
  • Complete monitoring systems, including hardware and software
  • Report generator with automatic analysis, alarm signaling and reporting
  • Remote service with expert support