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Retarder VR 133-2

Greater safety, less cost:

Retarder VR 133-2

Voith Retarder - A synonym for wear-free continuous braking in trucks and buses. In conjunction with the engine brake, you always have the optimum braking effect - at low and high speeds. And maximum safety in any driving situation.
The Voith retarder VR 133-2 can be mounted on the transmission or fitted freely in the driveline.


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Retarder VR 133-2

Technical data


Max. braking torque at the propshaft 4 000 Nm
Maximum speed at the propshaft 2 800 rpm
Standard operation 5-stage hand-brake switch
stage 1 v = const.
(downhill cruise control)
option: foot control
Operating medium oil (see fuel specification)
Control medium compressed air
Unit weight incl. flange,
heat exchanger, without
operating medium
approx. 85 kg
Nominal voltage 24 V
Current consumption max. 1,0 A
CAN-bus-specific electronic control system VERA



Features and benefits

  • Higher average speed
  • Fewer visits to workshops
  • Reduction of vehicle operating costs
  • Less service brake overhauls and tires
  • Fast amortization
  • Hydrodynamic Retarders are more fuel-saving than electro-magnetic Retarders
  • Advantages for a vehicle resale

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