Voith retarders – for greater safety, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability

Voith retarders – for greater safety, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability

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Better braking – with Voith retarders for commercial vehicles

    With Voith retarders, up to 90 percent of all braking actions can be performed without wear. This represents a significant increase in safety. Retarders protect the service brakes, thus reducing expenditures on spare parts and maintenance. At the same time, transport capabilities increase due to higher average speeds.

    High brake performance is essential when it comes to stopping a truck that weighs several tons. Classic friction brakes can reach temperatures of up to 1000 degrees under demanding conditions such as adaptive braking on the highway or on long downslopes. This leads to a rapid reduction in braking efficiency. Voith retarders provide the solution:  The permanent hydrodynamic endurance brake system ensures reliable, wear-free braking. This protects the service brakes and ensures they are always available. It is no surprise that endurance brakes in buses and trucks are a legal requirement throughout Europe.

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    Voith retarders – the advantages at a glance

    • Greater safety throughout the entire speed range ensured by high retarder brake performance and cold service brakes 
    • Downhill cruise control – using the v-constant function, the retarder maintains constant driving speed on downward slopes 
    • Lower operating costs – considerably longer periods without the use of service brakes results in fewer visits to the repair shop and lower maintenance costs 
    • Low weight – Voith retarders are light, allowing optimal use of load limits
    • Higher transport capabilities – due to higher and more uniform average speeds 
    • Lower consumption – more uniform speeds and proactive driving behavior saves fuel
    • Non-polluting – up to 80% lower emissions of brake dust

    Voith retarder operating principles

    Hydrodynamic braking – retarder design and operation

    • Hydrodynamics makes wear-free braking possible.
    • The magnitude of the braking torque depends on fill level and speed. 
    • The retarder is perfectly integrated into the vehicle braking management system.
    • The braking energy is converted into heat and dissipated via the vehicle cooling system.

    Inline and offline retarders – a question of transmission


    Secondary retarders can be divided into inline and offline retarders. Retarders can be attached to the gearbox, or installed in the drive train. They are directly connected to the vehicle’s universal joint shaft.


    Offline retarders are connected to the universal joint shaft by means of a high gear integrated into the gearbox. Owing to the gear ratio, offline retarders are lighter and have a more compact design than inline retarders, while producing the same braking performance.

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    The Voith retarder portfolio – the right solution for every vehicle

      Together with vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Renault, MAN, and many more, we are developing customized retarder solutions.

      Oil retarders

      Using an oil supply that is independent of the transmission fluid, the oil in Voith’s oil retarders can tolerate the maximum permissible operating temperatures. The braking energy is transferred via the heat exchanger to the vehicle’s cooling circuit, where it is effectively dissipated.

      Water retarder

      The Voith Aquatarder provides braking using the engine coolant. This means there is no additional operating medium, no additional oil change, and no adjustment work. 

      VT OnTrack Gravel Plant Mueller

      Transmitting power efficiently – with the Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB

        Wear-free start-up and braking

         The heavier the truck and the rougher the terrain, the greater the load on the clutch and brakes. The solution: Using the VIAB wear-free integrated acceleration and braking system, even heavy-duty trucks can start up powerfully, maneuver accurately within millimeters, and brake safely – repeatedly and without wear. This results in considerably longer periods when the friction clutch and service brakes are not in use, ensuring greater safety and riding comfort. Wear-free start-up and braking - two in one.                                                                                                                

        The Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB – the advantages at a glance

        • A high level of comfort due to sensitive hydrodynamic start-up and maneuvering – even with a high total weight
        • Maximum tractive power across the entire speed range
        • Full engine torque at low speeds up to the traction limit
        • Stable temperature even under high load conditions compared to conventional torque converters
        • The integrated high-performance primary retarder allows maximum brake performance even at low driving speeds
        • Retarder function even in reverse gear

        Easy transportation of heavy loads
        Easy transportation of heavy loads

        The stator transported for us on a heavy-duty truck across Germany from our plant in Heidenheim to the hydropower station in Töging am Inn was a gigantic 8.2 meters wide and weighed 105 metric tons. Thanks to the Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB, the driver from haulage firm TSB was able to start up powerfully, maneuver with millimeter precision and brake safely at all times.

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        Pure power and highest precision
        Pure power and highest precision

        Power, strength and durability are attributes that immediately spring to mind to describe trucks that have to carry heavy loads of sand, gravel or timber. But sometimes the big muscles among the commercial vehicles are about something entirely different – a sensitivity that makes every inch count. Maneuvering in sand pits or on slippery dirt roads often requires sheer strength, but also highest precision.

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                • replacements and basic retarders

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