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Steam Turbine Controller TurCon DTc

Steam Turbine Controller, Turbine Governor for Steam Turbines with max. 6 Control Valves, Digital Control for Steam Turbines

The TurCon DTc is a compact, cost-effective steam turbine controller which can be used on mechanical driven machines or generator applications. It is pre-engineered with standard software. The software is based on proven, reliable algorithms for turbomachinery controls. The parameters for control modes, such as speed control, demanding frequency control or complex extraction pressure control can be setup quickly and easily.

The controller consists of two robust assemblies of outstanding industrial quality. One is a touchscreen control panel with integrated CPU and the other a remote I/O unit. In addition, a PC or an optional 15" control panel can be easily connected via LAN. This is especially practical, for example, during commissioning or for remote monitoring. Communication with a higher-level control system (DCS) uses Ethernet with Modbus TCP or OPC.

The TurCon DTc is, in principle, a steam turbine controller for everyone. If you are an OEM, you have a controller solution that economically fits in your overall system. If you are a contractor or modernizer, you can offer your clients an easy-to-use solution, whilst you benefit from our consulting expertise. If you are a steam turbine operator, you have a reliable product with proven control algorithms that ensures high process quality and productivity.


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Actuators and Governors
Voithstr. 1
74564 Crailsheim, Germany

Tel. +49 7951 32-470
Fax +49 7951 32-605

Technical Data

Control panel  
Operating voltage 9.6 – 28.8 VDC
Operating temperature 0 °C – +55 °C
Degree of protection IP 54
Dimensions (W x H x D) 179 x 119 x 42 mm
Assembly Panel flush mounting
HMI 7" WVGA color TFT touchscreen with 800 x 480 pixels
Remote I/O  
Operating voltage 20.4 – 28.8 VDC
Operating temperature 0 °C – +55 °C
Degree of protection IP 20
Dimensions (W x H x D) 390 x 130 x 52 mm
Fastening 35 mm DIN rails
  • 15 x digital/discrete (physical, LOW: -3 – 0.5 VDC, HIGH: 13 – 28.8 VDC)
  • 32 x digital/discrete (virtual, via bus)
  • 8 x analog (physical, 0 – 20 mA, input impedance: 200 Ω, measuring range: 0 – 20.475 mA, resolution: 12 bits)
  • 16 x analog (virtual, via bus)
  • 3 x frequency (for speed pickups, active or passive speed sensors, measuring range: 0.5 – 20 kHz, short circuit and open circuit detection)
  • 6 x digital/discrete (high-side switch, 0.5 A @ 24 VDC)
  • 8 x digital/discrete (relays, 2 A @ 24 VDC, max. 12 A @ 250 VAC)
  • 32 x digital/discrete (virtual, via bus)
  • 8 x analog (physical, 0 – 20 mA, load resistance: < 500 Ω, resolution: 12 bits, AO0…3 and AO4…7 electrically isolated to the system)
  • 16 x analog (virtual, via bus)
  • Ethernet (Modbus TCP or OPC)
  • Others upon request
RemoteView & Control
  • Standard PC with specified browser via LAN
  • Voith 15" touch panel via LAN
Configurable functions  
Control modes for pumps, compressors, fans, etc.
  • Speed control
  • Extraction pressure control
Control modes for generators
  • Speed control
  • Frequency control
  • Power control
  • Live steam pressure control
  • Back pressure control/exhaust steam pressure control
  • Extraction pressure control
Control options
  • Turbines with a maximum of 4 HP control valves and a maximum of 2 LP control valves
  • Cold/warm startup mode
  • Start-up ramp with a maximum of 12 sampling points (Critical Speed Avoidance)
  • Max. 8 configurable limiters:
    • Min. back pressure limiter
    • Max. back pressure limiter
    • Min. load limiter
    • Max. load limiter
    • Min. live steam pressure limiter
    • Max. live steam pressure limiter
    • Max. speed limiter
    • Max. wheel chamber pressure limiter
  • External analog setpoint
  • Simulation mode

Typical Applications

  • Control of steam turbines that drive compressors, pumps, fans and other driven machines
  • Control of steam turbines that drive generators
  • Upgrade/retrofit of mechanical steam turbine controllers
  • Upgrade/retrofit of analog steam turbine controllers, in particular
    • Voith TurCon A
    • Siemens / KKK SC800
    • MAN / GHH Turbolog EKU
    • Dresser Nadrowski / M+M / AEG
      Kanis / ABB CTn, CTp and CTf
  • Upgrade of Woodward 505 and Woodward 505E steam turbine controllers

Advantages and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
  • Easy to configure controller parameters for virtually every steam turbine.
  • Simple save and upload of the configuration and parameters.
  • The turbine controller has a high degree of flexibility and is suitable for all standard steam turbine applications.
  • The controller is pre-engineered with standard software.
  • The configuration and parameter data sets can be reused.
  • Integration of the controller into your system is quick, easy and economical.
  • The controller is suited both for new systems and for the modernization of existing equipment.
  • This keeps your commissioning effort and costs low.
  • A maximum of 4 HP and a maximum of 2 LP control valves can be controlled directly.
  • Individual valve control variables can be set to linearize the flow characteristic curve.
  • For turbines with more than one HP or LP control valve, there is no need to adjust the valves mechanically using a camshaft.
  • Fewer mechanical components mean lower maintenance and repair costs for you.
  • For turbines with more than one HP or LP control valve, a separate electronic valve coordinator (split range) is not required.
  • Having fewer electronic components reduces system complexity and improves reliability. You thus benefit from higher system availability.
  • The commissioning effort is lower, allowing you to make considerable cost savings.
  • The turbine control valves can be controlled in a flexible manner.
  • You can optimize the control of the process easily.
  • 7-inch TFT LCD control panel with intuitive touchscreen operator interface.
  • The HMI is both user-friendly and modern.
  • All parameters can be changed on-site and the relevant process values can be visualized.
  • The initial training of your operating personnel can be kept short.
  • On-site you have quick, very informative process visualization and monitoring.
  • RemoteView & Control via LAN using a standard PC with specified browser or via an optional 15" touch panel.
  • All operating, setting and monitoring functions can be executed just like on the standard control panel.
  • You have an additional, inexpensive HMI at another location.
  • A large-area visualization system, for example when commissioning or for monitoring purposes, can be set up quickly and simply.
  • Compact design with just two robust assemblies.
  • Tested, industry-proven standard hardware.
  • The TurCon DTc is a plug-and-play solution, which is ready to operate after connection and configuration.
  • The components of the control system are optimally matched to one another.
  • Your control system is very operationally reliable and easy to service.
  • Up to 3 speed sensors can be connected, 2oo3 voting (2 out of 3 selection) is possible.
  • The speed measuring equipment is fault-tolerant, whilst providing high reliability and availability.
  • You increase the reliability of your system and minimize the risk of downtimes and secondary damage.
  • Integrated monitoring of the speed sensors.
  • Faults in the speed measuring system can be detected in real time.
  • The current controller and sensor states are displayed using informative graphics.
  • Archiving of the last 1,000 status, warning and alarm messages with time stamps.
  • Process flows and process faults are easy to trace.
  • You optimize your process in a quick and targeted manner.
  • System availability, product quality and, last but not least, productivity increase.
  • Integrated tool for optimizing the controller during operation without any related process faults.
  • Control loops and control loop performance can be quickly optimized.
  • Shorter commissioning time saves you money.
  • The process quality is high.
  • An integrated simulation mode is available.
  • The validity of the configuration and the parameters of the turbine controller can be effectively checked, and optimized if needed, prior to actual commissioning.
  • Pre-simulation enables easier commissioning and reduces commissioning time.
  • You minimize the risk of damage resulting from incorrect parameters.
  • Multilevel password protection
  • Optimal security for controller operation.
  • Your turbine control system is secure and protected against unauthorized access.

TurCon DTc steam turbine controller in quality control