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Highly Flexible H Coupling

Highly flexible H couplings are especially well suited for pump power distributors and converter gear units. These couplings feature two damping systems working in parallel: a spring-mass system and a viscous-hydraulic damping system. These couplings are very compact, temperature-resistant, and highly versatile.

H couplings dampen torsional vibrations and torque shocks in the driveline. The operational stability and service life of your system or your vehicle are increased, which in turn increases availability and reduces life cycle costs.

A torsional limiting device is optional.


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Technical data

Torque up to 3.7 kNm
Speed up to 3,200 rpm
Mounting options Bell-house mounting
Spring tension adjustable
Ambient temperature -40°C – +110°C
Optional Torsional limiting device

Advantages and benefits

  • Resonance speeds are shifted into non-critical speed ranges. The system runs quieter, increasing comfort when operating the equipment or vehicle.
  • The coupling takes the load off all of the drive components, increasing their service life and reducing maintenance costs. The net result is a positive impact on the life cycle costs (LCC) for your system or vehicle – not to mention preventing downtimes and associated costs.
  • Radially arranged steel compression springs transfer the torque from the motor to the driven machine. The springs generate high damping values and operate virtually wear-free. The coupling features very long uptimes. This keeps your service and maintenance costs low.
  • The damping effect of the steel springs remains constant over a very wide range of temperatures. Wide fluctuations in temperature have almost no effect on the operation of the coupling, which means your system or vehicle operates more safely even under extreme environmental conditions.
  • The viscous-hydraulic damping system operates using a temperature-resistant damping grease. The damping effect increases proportionally to the coupling's angle of twist. This means that severe torsional vibrations, such as those which occur when turning a motor on and off or during load surges, also lead to a greater damping effect. This gives the coupling optimal damping behavior across the entire nominal speed range.
  • The coupling is designed to be completely maintenance-free and dirt-resistant. This saves you money on service and dirt-related damage.

Typical applications

  • Construction equipment:
    main drives and power distribution units, e.g., large excavators, bulldozers, mobile cranes, ski-slope grooming machines and road-making equipment; primary drives with converter gearboxes, e.g., dump trucks, wheel loaders, and graders.
  • Ships and boats:
    small main drives for pleasure boats, utility boats, and ferries.
  • Rail vehicles:
    locomotives, railcars, and special-purpose vehicles


Series BR 3xx 

Technical information

In systems where a diesel engine acts as prime mover, the highly flexible coupling has mainly two functions: moving natural frequencies and damping critical torsional vibration amplitudes. Voith highly flexible couplings are well-suited to these tasks.


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