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Highly Flexible SK Coupling

Highly flexible SK couplings are especially well-suited for drives whose power take-off is directly connected to the motor housing. These couplings are highly versatile.

SK couplings dampen torsional vibrations and torque shocks in the driveline. In addition, the coupling balances axial, radial, and angular displacements. The oper­ational stability and service life of your plant or your vehicle are increased, which in turn increases availability and reduces life cycle costs.

Bell-house bearing models and models with a torsional limiting device are optional.


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Technical data

Torque up to 16 kNm
Speed up to 4,200 rpm
Mounting options
  • Cardan shaft mounting
  • Bell-house mounting
Elastomer types
  • Natural rubber (NR): 50 ShA, 60 ShA, 70 ShA
  • Silicone: 50 ShA
  • Electrically insulating: 55 ShA
Ambient temperatures
  • Natural rubber (NR): -40 – +90°C
  • Silicone: -40 – +120°C
  • Electrically insulating: -40 – +90°C
  • Bell-house bearing design (in cases where the engine crank shaft is not able to bear the weight of the cardan shaft and the coupling)
  • Torsional limiting device

Advantages and benefits

  • Resonance speeds are shifted into non-critical speed ranges. The system runs quieter, increasing comfort when operating the equipment or vehicle.
  • The coupling takes the load off all of the drive components, increasing their service life and reducing maintenance costs. The net result is a positive impact on the life cycle costs (LCC) for your system or vehicle – not to mention preventing consequential expenses arising from downtime.
  • The coup­ling is designed with an axial plug-in connection. This makes the coupling especially well-suited for bell-house mounting, where the driven unit is directly connected to the motor housing. The coupling aligns itself automatically when the drive unit and driven unit are assembled. This reduces the effort and costs associated with installation, fitting, and commissioning.
  • The SK coupling features a high torque capacity. You save on installation space while at the same time transferring high torque safely and reliably.
  • The coupling design is simple. It consists of only three main components and is virtually maintenance-free. The rubber element is the only part subject to natural wear and must be replaced as needed. Minimal effort is required to remove and inspect the rubber element. This keeps maintenance costs low.

Typical applications

  • Rail vehicles:
    diesel-electric railcars
  • Construction equipment:
    diesel-hydraulic pump distributor
  • Ships and boats:
    bell-house mounted gearboxes
  • Units:


Series BR 1xx

Series BR 1xx

Series BR 2xx

Series BR 2xx

Series BR 3xx

Series BR 3xx

Technical information

In systems where a diesel engine acts as prime mover, the highly flexible coupling has mainly two functions: moving natural frequencies and damping critical torsional vibration amplitudes. Voith highly flexible couplings are well-suited to these tasks.


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