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Hirth Couplings on Customers' Components

The Hirth coupling is a machine component that connects and precisely positions shafts, wheels, disks and cranks in many areas of mechanical engineering to one another. They can be manufactured from most metals and from plastics. In addition, the Hirth coupling is a connection component that is easy to release.

But there are other applications as well. For example, complex single-piece forged parts can be replaced with several less complex ones. With Hirth couplings, these components can be connected with high strength and with precision.

We manufacture the Voith Hirth coupling onto your components – up to a diameter of 1,600 mm and with lead times of just a few working days. We can also offer you key engineering services during the design of your components. We can provide you with consultation during the design stage and perform the calculations needed for your Hirth coupling. If you wish, we can also take charge of quality assurance tasks for you.

From the very outset of your product development, you have a reliable partner with professional expertise in the design and manufacture of Hirth couplings. That saves you a great deal of time and money during product development and during later stages of production.


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Technical data

Torque up to 15,000 kNm
Component diameter up to 1,600 mm
Component weight up to 4,500 kg
Component length up to 4,500 mm
Number of gear teeth max. 720
Indexing accuracy 1 – 2 angle seconds
Repeat accuracy < 0.001 mm
Radial and axial run-out < 0.01 mm
Centering self-centering

Advantages and benefits

  • We offer you a comprehensive range of 'all-round' services: Design consultation, calculation, production and quality assurance – all from a single source. You are guaranteed an expert partner in all matters relating to Hirth couplings.
  • The Voith Hirth coupling offers zero backlash and a high torque capacity. This allows very high torques to be transmitted by relatively small diameters. Thus you save on valuable installation space in your designs.
  • The high degree of indexing accuracy and repeat accuracy make Voith Hirth coup­lings an ideal positioning element – for example, in the machine tool industry and in general mechanical engineering. This enables you to position your work­pieces or products with positive locking and with highest precision. You can then produce parts to the highest quality standards and achieve maximum productivity levels.
  • With a Hirth coupling, you have an easy release connecting and positioning element. Assembly and disassembly are quick and easy. That lets you save on costs when assembling your machine and again later during maintenance, repair and service work.
  • During assembly, the components are self-centering. You save the cost of additional alignment work.
  • The disassembly of the coupling requires only minimal space – just enough clearance for the tooth height. That simplifies maintenance and repair and reduces costs.
  • We use specially developed processes to mill and harden the gear teeth. The Voith Hirth coupling has a very long service life and is maintenance-free. This reduces the life cycle costs of your machine.

Typical applications

  • Shafts, wheels and rotors in gear units, pumps, fans, compressors and turbines
  • Rotary indexing tables, turret heads and disk turrets in machine tools
  • Connections in gas and steam turbines
  • Flanged connections on shafts
  • Connections in metrology, robot technology and medical technology
  • Connections in aerospace technology
  • Crank shafts
  • Substitution of complex, single-piece forged parts

Technical information

The Hirth coupling is a machined face gear coupling with radial serration. Transmitted torque is proportional to the circum­ferential force. The angular surfaces of the teeth transmit a large portion of the circumferential force with positive locking. Tensioning media, such as, disk springs, hydrocylinders or screw connections, apply the required axial force.

The coupling saves available space and weight. It transmits high torques and simultaneously centers the faces. The design of the connection coupling is backlash-free and suitable for changing forces.


Engineering services


  • Design consultation
  • Manufacturing consultation
  • Calculations
  • Quality assurance