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Small Hydro – Local Experts with Global Expertise

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Pioneers for sustainable energy

    Reconciling economical and ecological aspects is our objective – and how we define sustainability.

    Small hydro power plants are an important component of the energy mix. They have the potential to ensure a stable local power supply. The development of renewable energies can also be boosted with hydropower. Around 75% of the worldwide hydropower resources remain unused – the majority of which would be ideal for small hydropower solutions.

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    The advantages for both people and the environment:

    Small hydropower plants by Voith

    • Eco-friendly: renewable energy production with a high degree of efficiency
    • Economical: low investment costs, shorter gestation periods
    • Rapidly implemented: simple construction and start of operation
    • Reliable: long performance time, low maintenance requirements
    • Competent: experienced contact persons, highest quality

    of 7 continents with Small Hydro solutions by Voith
    countries with small hydropower plants by Voith
    Voith experts support you on site
    years of experience in the development of high-performance technologies

    Successful projects around the world

      In close collaboration with our customers on site, we develop tailored solutions for small hydropower systems. Before the start of operation, we are able to master the most diverse local challenges together.

      With a passion for hydropower

        Our top priority here at Voith is to develop and establish effective solutions.

        What drives our passion for hydropower? The fact that we can contribute to the prosperity of mankind while preserving the beauty of our nature.
        Susanne Kathirvel, Product Manager Small Hydro

        Small hydropower plants in operation

          Øvre Forsland, Norway Source: Helgelandkraft, Voith Scope: Francis Turbines & Generators, Installed Capacity: 2 x 5 MW/ 5 MVA

          Many small hydropower plants around the world are equipped with turbines and generators by Voith. They prove that small hydropower plants are high-performance producers of energy.

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          Selected references

          Holistic solutions for Small Hydro power

            As a full-range supplier with a large portfolio, we offer small hydropower plants around the world individual solutions. In doing so, quality made by Germany always comes first.


            Innovative Turbine Technology

            As a leading supplier of hydraulic machines, we have influenced the development of various turbine types. We continuously work on their optimisation and further development – and promote innovation. This also allows us to create eco-friendly alternatives.


            High-performance Generators

            Our generators stand out for their high efficiency and low maintenance requirements. For every speed range and for horizontal or vertical designs - we always offer the most modern technical solutions and integrate these in your system.


            Mini Hydro –Water-to-Wire Solutions for Smaller Power Plants

            Our Mini Hydro products are fully integrated water-to-wire solutions: Turbine, generator, support and automation systems are designed and optimized as a whole. This results into reliable and cost-effective solutions, that takes civil and operational aspects into account.


            Automation for Small Hydro Power

            Automation solutions ensure a reliable and economical operation of modern hydropower systems. For every small hydropower plant, our experts for Digital Solutions can develop a suitable concept for the future.

            Voith Services – A reliable Partner for your Small Hydropower System

              You can rely on our experts on site – all around the world. We will support you with tailored solutions for your system throughout the entire life cycle, from planning to maintenance to modernisation.


              Voith HyService: On Site. On Time.

              Maintaining the maximum efficiency of your system is our goal – which is why we offer individual, affordable service solutions. Whether for regular maintenance or emergencies: our HyService Team is available to you around the world, day and night.


              Modernisation: an advantage for operators and the environment

              Hydropower plants are systems that last for generations. That’s why modernisation is one of our key business areas. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, performance and energy yield can be significantly increased. Which also benefits the environment.

              We are there for you, wherever you are!

                Csaba Marton

                Global Sales and Marketing Manager Voith Hydro


                t +49 7321 37 7985 (UTC+2h)

                f +49 7321 37-7000

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