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Small hydropower solutions from a single source

Water to Wire: finding a complete solution with Voith

    Small hydropower plants by Voith are sophisticated and reliable solutions for a sustainable energy supply. Our experts at Voith are here to accompany you from the selection of products to the start of operation all the way to the maintenance.

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    Working with Voith pays off

    • Reliable partner 
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    We always keep sight of the entire power plant

      By perfectly aligning electric, hydraulic and control components, and developing them in an integrated manner, we are able to optimise the energy production and lifecycle of your plant. For us, efficient power supply means reconciling economic efficiency with environmental friendliness: We consciously and sparingly use natural resources for high capacity utilization to increase earnings.

      A step ahead – Individual solutions with standardised products

        Our standardised platform concept provides the basis for our small hydropower solutions. Thanks to the ideally aligned components, we are not only able to increase the efficiency of the processes. The use of fewer, standardised and high-quality components also reduces the default probability and facilitates problem solving.

        Our expertise for small water turbines

        Our portfolio of turbines offers an economical solution for all requirements. For smaller hydropower plants, Voith delivers attractively priced systems in a standardised design – and individually adjusts them to accommodate their environment.

        years of experience in the development of high-performance technologies for small hydropower.

        Pelton turbines – for heads up to 1000 m

        Pelton Turbine
        Our Pelton turbines are particularly well suited to larger heads and allow an excellent partial load operation – to ensure high efficiency at a wide flow range.

        Technical Data

        Shaft Horizontal or vertical
        Nozzles 1-6 Nozzles
        Regulation Inner and outer regulated nozzles
        Bearings Overhung 2-bearings , 3- or 4-bearings arrangement of turbine generator unit
        Range of application Up to 1000 m head and 30 MW
        Standardized solutions possible up to 700 m head and 10 MW


        Francis turbines – for heads up to 750m

        Francis Turbines
        Our Francis turbines for medium heads fulfil all specific requirements regarding speed, technology and cost-effectiveness.

        Technical Data

        Shaft Horizontal or vertical
        Bearings Overhung 2-bearings , 3- or 4-bearings arrangement of turbine generator unit
        Types Spiral Intake or open flume
        Range of application Up to 750m head and 30MW
        Standardized solutions possible up to 250m head and 18MW


        Kaplan turbines – for heads up to 50m

        We provide the full range of Kaplan turbine types for lower heads and larger flows.

        Technical Data

        Shaft Horizontal or Vertikal
        Regulation Double/single regulated turbines
        Blading 3 to 7 blade runners of of any diameter
        Types Pit Turbine, bulb turbine, S-Turbine, full and semi-spiral turbine, SAxo, Z Turbine
        Range of Application Up to 50m head and 30 MW
        Standardized solutions possible up to 35m head and 10MW


        Learn more about Voith turbines

        Generators for an optimal energy yield

        Thanks to our long-standing experience in the development and production of generators, we are able to perfectly integrate them in your power plant – and optimize the energy yield accordingly. The electric, mechanical and thermal stresses are extraordinarily high in the field of hydropower. This is why we have developed our own range of hydropower generators with a robust generator design and a perfectly coordinated modular setup of the stator and rotor.


        Technical Data

        Power range 3 MVA up to 35 MVA
        Voltage range 3,0 kV up to 13,8 kV
        Axis Horizontal or Vertikal
        Protection class IP23 up to IP54 (IEC 60034-5)
        Cooling IC 01 up to IC 81W (IEC 60034-7)
        Frequency 50 and 60 Hz
        Ambient temperature -10/+40 °C up to +60 °C on demand
        Insulation class Thermal insulation according to F
        Used up to class B
        (Safety buffers and class B are ideal for cool vs. hot turbine-generator-coupling)


        Learn more about Voith generators

        Hy2Grid – the solution for automation and electrical systems for small hydropower plants

          Hy2Grid is a modular, full-service solution for small hydropower plants. It covers the entire product range of electrical systems for connecting a hydropower plant to the grid and offers an automation solution from a single source. In addition, Hy2Grid gives our customers a competitive solution.

          Major benefits

          • Full water-to-wire supply from a single source
          • Standardized interfaces and plug-and-play systems
          • Reduced operating costs
          • Increase of system availability
          • IIoT ready

          Hy2Grid product lines

          Hy2Grid offers plant operators a perfectly configured system for controlling, monitoring and automating of the plant. This makes the plant IIoT-ready and enables an optional cloud connection. The plant's operating data will be the basis for optimized operation and maintenance. The electrification and automation solution is plug-and-play – thus offering short erection times with reliable project plans.

          Base-Line – up to 1.2 MW / turbine



          The base standard is an electrical and automation all-in-one solution for small hydropower plants.


          Power units 1 to 2 turbines, each with up to 1.2 MW output
          Power train Low-voltage generator and bus bar
          Plant setup All auxiliary systems close to power unit on the same level
          IIoT Base supervision and optional cloud-based apps


          Compact-line –up to 12 MW / turbine



          The compact standard is the best fit for most small hydropower plants. This product line connects decentralized auxiliary systems that are no longer next to each other or on the same floor level.


          Power units As standard up to 4 units with up to 12 MW output per turbine
          Power train Medium-voltage generator and bus bar (connected to high-voltage grid)
          Plant setup Connects distributed auxiliary systems with standardized interfaces
          IIoT IIoT-ready for next generation with all cloud-based apps for optimization, supervision and comfortable control of the hydropower plant

          Flex-line – up to 30 MW / turbine



          This product line is based on the Compact-line; however, it includes further functionality for larger sized small hydropower plants or special applications.


          Power units Unlimited units up to 30 MW output per turbine
          Power train Medium-voltage generator and bus bar (connected to high-voltage grid)
          Plant setup Connects distributed auxiliary systems with standardized interfaces
          IIoT IIoT-ready for next generation with all cloud-based apps for optimization, supervision and comfortable control of the hydropower plant
          Additional features Primary frequency control, voltage stabilizer, island mode operation and additional functionality available


          Learn more about Automation Learn more about balance of plant electrical systems
          Mini Hydro – Compact solutions for power plants from 50 to 1.200 kW

          Our mini hydro products are integrated comprehensive solutions: turbines, generators, auxiliary and automation systems are developed and optimised as a whole. This results in reliable and inexpensive solutions that take structural implementation requirements into consideration.

          Learn more about Mini Hydro

          Know-how from a full-service provider

          Here at Voith, we combine top know-how in plant engineering with comprehensive experience in the field of modern digital systems. This allows us to turn your small hydropower plant into an integrated and optimised overall system.

          Shut-off valves

          Shut-off valves
          Voith started designing shut-off valves as mechanical-hydraulic control equipment for water turbines over a century ago. This way, even small hydropower plants can cope with extreme adjusting forces and short closing times.
          Learn more about shut-off valves

          Balance of Plant Mechanical Systems (BoP-M)

          Our mechanical systems for the power plant equipment are also planned in an integrated manner and tailored to the overall system. This includes cooling water, dewatering and drainage systems, compressed air supply, crane equipment, fire protection as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

          Learn more about BoP-M

          Hydraulic Steel Structure

          Bulkheads, safety gates, inlet rakes and rack-cleaning systems are absolutely essential for the smooth operation of the plant as well as the protection of the turbines – and they are part of the Voith safety concept. The simple and standardised components for small hydropower ensure the efficiency and environmental compatibility of the plant.
          Learn more about hydraulic steel structure

          Eco-friendly products

          We set new standards in terms of nature conservation: our small hydro solutions are based on technological innovations with the objective of keeping the environment healthy and clean. Oil-free turbines and fish-friendly rotor blade concepts help to adapt the small hydropower plants to their natural local environment.
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          Small hydropower plants with products by Voith

            Voith Small Hydro embraces over 1.000 projects worldwide. With our Voith Hydro reference world map you get access to detailed information on a selection of dedicated projects.

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            The Voith network of experts makes a difference

              You can rely on our on-site experts – around the world. We can support you with individual, tailored solutions for your plant throughout its entire lifecycle from planning to maintenance and modernisation.

              Industry, technology and finance experts work side by side – to make sure that you receive the advice and support you need in each phase of your hydropower project to take you to the next level.

              Voith experts support you on site
              Advice, planning, financing: We accompany you for the duration of your project

              Voith is the partner at your side – from the planning phase to the construction of your plant. We combine technological know-how with expertise in the development and financing of small hydropower plants to make sure that your project comes to life. We will share our knowledge and expertise with you and support you on the road to the realisation of your small hydropower plant.

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              Voith HyService: On site. On time.

              Maintaining the maximum efficiency of your system is our goal – which is why we offer individual, affordable service solutions. Whether for regular maintenance or emergencies: our HyService Team is available around the world, day and night.

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              Modernization: an advantage for operators and the environment

              Hydropower plants are systems that last for generations. That’s why modernization is one of our key business areas. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, performance and energy yield can be significantly increased. That also benefits the environment.

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