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At the leading edge


At the leading edge

How to cut and achieve optimal stabilization of the web edge? With the newly launched EdgeExpert by Voith. It is the cutting-edge standard for sustainability and efficiency.

With an ingenious design that saves fibers, increases efficiency and cuts down on water consumption, Voith’s EdgeExpert sets the benchmark in papermaking. Its unique edge trim concept is one key feature, as it defines the web edge directly in the stock jet as it exits the headbox. The technology is unmatched. For multilayer paper machines, this innovation means that high-quality stock suspension can be returned back into the stock circuit of a layer.

The resulting savings in fiber ensure that the ROI is achieved within just a few months. The unique EdgeExpert functionality ensures an exceptionally clean wire edge, while specially designed nozzles keep the EdgeExpert clean during operation – which is achieved with the addition of very little fresh water. As well as conserving resources, the EdgeExpert guarantees a stability of the edge that contributes to improved runability and productivity. Its one-of-a-kind adjustable mechanism allows the stock jet width to be set at between 0 to 120 mm directly on both sides. What’s more, adjustments can be made during operation and tailored to the specific paper grade.

During routine downtime, EdgeExpert can be retrofitted within just a few hours onto any type of headbox, irrespective of the original manufacturer. Maintenance is simplified, as the integrated selfswiveling device makes light work of replacing the forming fabric. The combination of sophisticated design, advanced technology and ingenious implementation is once again proof that Voith has the edge in papermaking.