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DIWA SmartNet – Transmission Telemetrics of the Second Generation

For over four years the Voith telemetric system DIWA SmartNet has been proving itself in more than 1,500 vehicles worldwide. At Busworld 2013 in Kortrijk Voith is now presenting the second generation of this automatic monitoring system for the DIWA transmission. Preventive maintenance and service can therefore be implemented even more efficiently and cost effectively.
DIWA SmartNet transmits the operating and maintenance data of the DIWA transmission at regular intervals via mobile radio to a central server. The server evaluates the data and automatically filters out any DIWA transmission that might be due for an overhaul in the near future. As an alternative to mobile radio transmission there is also an option to connect the system to an on-board vehicle computer. As a result, operators can plan necessary overhauls in advance and carry them out preventatively. This reduces costs and increases vehicle availability. At the same time, the data evaluation by DIWA SmartNet supports operators when they train their drivers, which also helps to reduce fuel costs. This has been proven by practical experience reports from operators, among them bus companies in the United Arab Emirates. More than 1,000 DIWA SmartNet systems have been successfully applied in the UAE for more than four years.

With the second generation of the DIWA SmartNet, the utilization of operating and maintenance data for optimizing vehicle operation and workshop planning has now become even easier and more cost effective. The transmission control unit can be directly linked to the network of the on-board computer via an interface. This interface utilizes the standard routines of the onboard computer for transmitting the operating and maintenance data. There is no need for individual computer programs or the development of specific apps. Alternatively, in vehicles without computer, the transmission data can be transmitted via W-LAN. Costs for data transmission via mobile radio are thus a thing of the past.

The data evaluation occurs after a proven scheme: in a central internet portal, the data of each vehicle are recorded and assessed in a vehicle log. In addition operators are now able to retrieve a much higher volume of evaluated data. As before, they receive an email if any critical values have been exceeded and can therefore plan workshop stops long before a vehicle might suffer a breakdown somewhere along the route.

If necessary, the worldwide Voith service network can provide fast and affordable technical support, as well as supply spare parts or even exchange transmissions "remanufactured by Voith." With these exchange transmissions, operators receive a unit that is on the same technical level as a new gearbox, combined with the reassurance of the Voith warranty.

With the second generation of DIWA SmartNet, which will be available from early 2014, Voith consistently pursues its strategy. DIWA SmartNet is a meaningful supplement to any existing fleet management system. It opens up the door for the implementation of preventive maintenance and overhaul strategies. And this constitutes a vital building block on the way towards lower costs and higher availability.

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