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Scoring with small investments: upgrade of VIB nozzle moisturizers

Voith is offering an upgrade solution for VIB nozzle moisturizers that leads to the best spray quality with low investment costs. The conventional VIB nozzle moisturizers are being converted to the high OnQ ModulePro standard by Voith. The upgrade is being offered in four flexible packages.
Upgrade solution for VIB nozzle moisturizers by Voith – an investment that quickly pays off
The first package offers improved spray nozzle technology and lowers operating costs thanks to higher spraying efficiency. The VIB nozzle mouthpieces are replaced with OnQ ModulePro nozzles in the installation. The latter have an innovative inner mixing that facilitates a finer spray quality with higher flow amounts. Quality problems due to markings in the paper are thus often eliminated. The paper manufacturer can be assured in advance through use of our test nozzles.

The second package includes modernization of the control system. The maintenance-intensive out-dated valve technology is being replaced by modern maintenance-free Voith spider valves. Control can be done either with OnQ Profilmatic CD control software or via a link to 3rd party systems. The result: control is once again state-of-the-art – regular maintenance work and the associated costs are noticeably reduced.

The third package is suitable for paper manufacturers whose 4-bit control valves are in good condition but require a new control system. The Voith OnQ Profilmatic is able to control the VIB valves precisely and in many cases achieves further profile improvement over previous systems. The fourth package replaces individual components such as the spray beam or supply stations, depending on the needs of the paper manufacturer.

The OnQ ModulePro VIB upgrade solutions from Voith allow paper manufacturers to gradually upgrade their VIB nozzle moisturizers to the latest technology. That ensures a stable availability of spare parts, improves performance and reduces the maintenance efforts. In all, these upgrade packages will be investments that quickly pay off.

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