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Growth Market India: New Metro Trains in Delhi with Localized Gear Units and Scharfenberg Couplers from Voith

The Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai Rotem has placed another major order with Voith for the extension of the metro in Delhi, India: until 2018 Voith will deliver 162 automatic and 162 intermediate automatic Scharfenberg couplers for the 81 vehicles of Line 10 of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). The delivery scope also includes 648 semi-permanent couplers and 1,296 SE-347gear units, all of which will be manufactured in India at the Voith location in Hyderabad. Production will start in autumn 2014, delivery will take place from 2015 to 2018.
Metro Delhi in India will receive further gear units and Scharfenberg couplers from Voith for its Line 10.
The route network of the Delhi metro covers about 190 kilometers, the trains run at two and a half minute intervals. An enormous development in the fast-growing megacity with over 16 million inhabitants. Delhi Metro entered service as recently as 2002, with extension phase 3 meanwhile being in full swing. Voith has been part of this development right from the start: the first metro trains have already been fitted with gear units and Scharfenberg couplers from Voith.

The major reasons for the new order were, on the one hand, the Voith know-how in equipping metro vehicles all over the globe and the previous experiences of DMRC with Voith. On the other hand, the ability of Voith to manufacture in India and thus increase the share of locally produced components in the trains. Due to the high value creation, Voith will gain a deeper footprint in India as a local company, strengthen its market position and expand it further.

So far, Voith has delivered more than 320 semi-permanent couplers and over 668 automatic couplers type 330, as well as about 1,200 gear units and 350 complete wheelsets for DMRC. Voith has been producing semi-permanent couplers for the Indian market at its site in Hyderabad from as early as 2012. From May this year, Line 9 in Delhi will also receive 184 complete wheelsets with SE-344 gear units.

The number of passengers using the metro on a daily basis is anticipated to double to four million by 2016. The new ultramodern trains are part of one of Asia's most recent public transport systems and cover about 69,000 kilometers every day.

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