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Voith Service for Rail Vehicles: Independent, Comprehensive, Modern

Under the heading "Systems Service" Voith will in future offer a comprehensive maintenance program for components and rail vehicles at its location in Kiel. The modern services cover a broad spectrum: from overhauls and repairs of components to systems integration, approval of additional functions and the general refurbishment of diesel vehicles.
At its location Kiel, Voith combines the overhaul of a locomotive with the repair of an accidental damage.
Voith integrates new components into existing systems and certifies them in-house after installation.
Exchange pools for overhauling transmissions or Scharfenberg couplers within strictly defined and guaranteed time windows (the delivery time for exchange components is usually 0 days) are already among the service offers from Voith. With general overhauls of locomotive and railcar components Voith goes one decisive step further at its location in Kiel. The offer of exchange pools is substantially increased in accordance with the wishes and the requirements of the customers – from transmissions, couplers and gear units to entire exchange bogies.

In future it will be even possible to remove and re-install the bogies within one day. Thanks to the availability of exchange units, the refurbishment of the components is not time critical.

During a general inspection Voith not only offers refurbishments but also the option of having the vehicle and the components upgraded to the latest technical standards or integrating completely new systems in the vehicle infrastructure. The product developments for components and complete systems are a key feature of the modern and sustainable Voith service concept.

Offers that present clear benefits for vehicle operators: improved availability, value preservation and enhancement or higher vehicle performance. Environmental aspects are also playing an increasingly important role with these service tasks. Voith offers, for example, adaptations for the subsequent compliance with exhaust regulations or the reduction of noise emissions in or at the vehicle.

At InnoTrans Voith presents for the first time an automated start-stop control system with a protective function for the vehicle. The system is a modular constituent of a newly developed retrofit package for increased vehicle intelligence. It can also be fitted in older vehicles that previously had no electronic control system. The automatic unit reduces engine operating hours and thus cuts maintenance costs, emissions and fuel consumption.

At its location in Kiel, Voith has both engineering and approval competencies for entire vehicles and individual systems at its disposal. Customers utilize this combination, in order to directly incorporate the development and installation of components or complete systems into rail vehicles with subsequent approval directly on site. In the past, vehicle operators had to consult several service providers specializing in different areas, in order to integrate, for example, a drive system into a commuter train and obtain the relevant approval. At Voith, this can now be provided from one single source.

To Voith, the term "Systems Service" also means full service concepts with need-based mobile services. Operators are therefore able to transfer parts or their entire vehicle management to Voith. This enables Voith to monitor the vehicles, produce documentation and, if necessary, carry out repairs or modernizations. This helps operators to concentrate on their logistic core business without losing track of their vehicle fleet.

Operators already have entire fleets consisting of a wide range of rail vehicles monitored by Voith. This also means that Voith immediately takes initiative if an unscheduled failure occurs. As a service provider operating independently of vehicle types, Voith therefore offers the operator continuous transparency about the current condition of the rolling stock and allows a comprehensive and objective assessment of necessary repairs or new purchases.

For this purpose, Voith uses, among other things, a modern software tool for monitoring, screening and maintaining the vehicles, highly qualified experts and specialized workshops. As a result, Voith Rail Service is fully capable of taking on all tasks of the ECM requirements for its customers.

Apart from this broad portfolio, Voith offers all maintenance work and examinations of rail vehicles as well as accident repairs and major overhauls of diesel locomotives – with a rail connection and extensive works halls in Kiel.

Voith Turbo, a Group Division of Voith GmbH, is a specialist for intelligent drive solutions. Customers from highly diverse industries such as oil and gas, energy, mining and mechanical engineering, ship technology, rail and commercial vehicles rely on advanced technologies from Voith Turbo.

Voith sets standards in the markets energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transportation & automotive. Founded in 1867, Voith employs more than 43,000 people, generates €5.7 billion in sales, operates in over 50 countries around the world and is today one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe.


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