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Proven top performance: Voith’s 1.000th TPKL fluid coupling goes to a Chinese 6,4 MW belt conveyor drive

Voith recently manufactured their 1.000th fluid coupling type TPKL. This coupling will go to the DaTong Coal Mining Group in China. The group has already made good experiences with Voith fluid couplings: Convinced by the good performance of hydrodynamic power transmission the decision for the drive line arrangement in the main belt conveyor of a new coal mine was also made in favor of Voith fluid couplings. In this specific case the mine will receive four fluid couplings type TPKL. The fill-controlled fluid couplings will be used in a 6,4 MW belt conveyor drive with demanding requirements. The 3.160 meter (10.367 feet) long underground belt conveyor is driven by four 1.600 kW motors, with a planned capacity of 4.000 tons per hour. The belt conveyor is designed for a demanding workload as it will transport coal uphill at a 14 degree angle.
DaTong Coal Group is convinced by the great performance of Voith fluid couplings.
DaTong Coal Group uses fluid couplings from Voith in many mines across the country.
The TPKL coupling series has specifically been developed for demanding belt conveyor applications in mining.
The Manager of the Mechanical and Electrical Department reports: “We are very happy to use fill-controlled couplings from Voith running in our belt conveyors. The extraordinary soft start characteristic, very high reliability and good after sales service of these couplings provide guarantee to our normal safely production in our mines.”

Voith started the production of the TPKL coupling series in 1997. This fluid coupling type was especially developed for demanding belt conveyor applications in mining. The coupling type provides excellent torque limitation for a smooth start-up of the belt conveyor. It allows active load sharing with multi-motor drives. Thanks to its standstill cooling function it can handle the most difficult start-ups multiple times in succession.

DaTong Coal Mining Group Co., Ltd. is located in DaTong City, province Shanxi, China. It is one of the top three coal groups in China, with a coal production capacity of 152 million tons per year. The coal group operates a large number of coal mines across the country. Many of them use Voith fluid couplings in diverse underground applications like AFCs, belt conveyors, stage loaders and crushers.

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