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New orders for Voith Industrial Services in Poland

Industrial services provider gains new customers and continues to expand in Poland. Service agreement with Lumel S.A. Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. won over by customized solutions.
Early in 2015, the Polish team from Voith Industrial Services succeeded in winning two new contracts, from Lumel S.A. and Solaris Bus & Coach S.A., for shop floor maintenance and facility management.

Lumel S.A.

Over the next years, a 20-strong team from Voith, primarily mechanics and electricians, will be responsible for shop floor maintenance at Lumel S.A.’s facility in Zielona Góra, Poland. The maintenance work on machine tools, machining hubs and peripheral systems, aluminum casting equipment in the foundry and processing facilities like the CNC machines started on April 1, 2015.The scope of services also includes facility management, such as troubleshooting and emergency services or recurring tests. The deciding factors for collaborating with Voith Industrial Services were its longstanding experience in the automotive sector in Poland and Lumel’s desire to focus on its core business.

Lumel is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of measuring and control equipment, automation solutions and precision die-castings. Established in 1953, it is also one of Poland’s leading manufacturers, delivering solutions to the chemical, foodstuffs and automotive industries.

Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.

Since February, a team of 11 from Voith Industrial Services has been working for Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. in Poznań in Poland. Voith Industrial Services will be responsible for technical facility management (TFM) and tool management. Tool management includes maintenance and servicing of machines and troubleshooting for other equipment.

In addition, the industrial services provider will also look after aspects of shop floor maintenance. The Polish market leader for city buses was also impressed in particular by the company’s longstanding experience in the automotive sector and the customized solutions that Voith Industrial Services offers in this segment. Solaris is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of city buses, trolley buses and trams and one of the biggest bus vendors in Germany. In 2014 Germany was the most important export market for Solaris. Since 1996 the company has produced more than 12,000 buses, now operating in 600 towns in 29 countries. In the coming years, the bus specialist aims to continue on this growth path.

The Voith Industrial Services facilities in Poland offer a wide range of services from automation, tool management and machine service to shop floor maintenance, tool-making and equipment manufacture.

Abouth Voith Industrial Services:
Voith Industrial Services, a Group Division of Voith GmbH, is one of the leading providers of technical services for key industries such as the automotive, energy, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as mechanical engineering. In 2013/2014 the company posted sales of €1.18 billion and worked in more than 170 locations worldwide.

About Solaris Bus & Coach S.A.
Solaris Bus & Coach is a family company founded and owned by Solange and Krzysztof Olszewski. Solaris is a leading European manufacturer of innovative city buses Solaris Urbino, trolleybuses Solaris Trollino, intercity buses Solaris InterUrbino, special-purpose buses as well as low-floor trams Solaris Tramino. In 2006, Solaris presented Europe’s first city bus with volume-production diesel-electric hybrid technology. Solaris Urbino electric had its premiere in 2011. Since the start of production in 1996, over 12 000 vehicles have left the factory. They are running in 29 countries. Solaris employs 2300 people in Polish production plants and nearly 500 in its international subsidiaries.

About Lumel S.A.
For more than 60 years, the Polish company Lumel S.A. headquartered in Zielona Góra has been one of the leading European manufacturers of automatic devices for the industry for measurement, control, registration, transfer and visualization of industrial processes. In Europe, Lumel S.A. is also known as supplier of precise pressure die castings and provides comprehensive solutions for various industrial branches like energy, chemicals, food , automotive, steel and metal, engineering, lumber mining and many more. The company employs approximately 600 people.


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