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Voith Breakthrough with the Successful Startup of SunPaper’s New Testliner Project

Heidenheim, Shandong (China): Sun Paper, one of the leading paper makers in China, recently successfully started up its new kraft liner paper machines with an annual capacity of 800,000 metric tons at its location in Zoucheng. The main paper machine, the right-hand machine PM 31 and the left-hand machine PM 32, are both provided by Voith. The PM 31 has successfully started up, marking a milestone in China’s papermaking sector, as it is the first time that two different packaging paper machines have ever been installed in a single workshop.
With a production width of 6,660 mm and an operating speed of 1,200 m/min, the PM 31 produces cardboard paper in the basis weight range of 110 to 250 g/m2.
With support from Voith, the project will help Sun Paper achieve high production efficiency, significant cost savings and efficient fiber utilization during the manufacturing process.

With a production width of 6,660 mm and an operating speed of 1,200 m/min, the PM 31 produces testliner in the basis weight range of 110 to 250 g/m2. It adopts the cutting edge technology of the three layer MasterJet headbox, the Tandem NipcoFlex shoe press and the SpeedSizer as well as the hard nip calender. The installation of the PM 31 started in October 2015 and it became operational on July 10, 2016, an impressive achievement in the domestic papermaking industry.

With a relentless effort and close cooperation of the special taskforces from Voith and Sun Paper, the PM 31 achieved paper on reel earlier than Sun Paper had anticipated. In addition, it took only 12 hours from stock on wire to paper on reel. And it only took one day to produce saleable paper. Moreover, the PM 31 is running quite smoothly and stable after startup.

The left-hand machine PM 32 is expected to start up on August 8, 2016. The PM 32 adopts the advanced technology of “one headbox, two layers” with tandem NipcoFlex, surface sizing and hard nip calendar. It produces corrugating medium and testliner in the basis weight range of 90 to 140 g/m2.

With Fourdrinier (top layer) and DuoFormer D II (bottom layer), the PM 32 can guarantee product quality at a high operating speed. In addition, the PM 32 is the first paper machine to adopt the most advanced double layer headbox MasterJet Pro F/B2, which offers high efficiency, good formation, even basis weight, high paper strength and stable quality for production of top-quality kraft liner paper of low basis weight.

Sun Paper, headquartered in Shandong Province, is a major paper manufacturer in China and one of the TOP 500 enterprises in the country, with total assets worth 28.8 billion yuan and an annual pulp and paper manufacturing capacity of 4.5 million metric tons.

Voith Paper is a Group Division of Voith and is one of the leading partners and pioneers in the paper industry. Through constant innovations, Voith Paper is optimizing the paper manufacturing process, focusing on developing resource-conserving products to reduce the use of energy, water and fibers. Furthermore, Voith Paper offers a broad service portfolio for all sections of the paper manufacturing process.

Voith sets standards in the markets for energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials, transport& automotive. Founded in 1867, Voith employs around 20,000 people, generates €4.3 billion in sales and operates in over 60 countries around the world and is one of the largest family owned companies in Europe.*

*Without the discontinued Group Division Voith Industrial Services


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