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High-performance forming system

The HydroFormer by Voith is a proven forming system for the production of specialty paper and wet-laid nonwovens. It offers an especially homogenous sheet formation with long fibers and considerable flexibility especially for producing multi-ply end products.

Application for specialty papers

For over 40 years, Voith Paper has been building inclined wire machines with the brand name HydroFormer, which is continuously being further developed and improved. Beside the HydroFormer for single-ply end products, Voith provides solutions for multi-ply end products as well. HydroFormer is applied in the area of specialty papers. This area includes especially food quality paper such as teabags and coffee filters, automotive filters as well as plug wrap and overlay. These special types are based on extremely long (pulp) fibers. The HydroFormer enables an especially homogenous sheet formation.

Application for wet-laid and spunlaced nonwovens

Most conventional dry or air-laid sheet forming processes are based on the use of long fibers. This meant that in the past, it was often not possible to use less expensive and more environmentally compatible pulp fibers for nonwoven production. To close this gap, Voith hast built a bridge between paper and nonwoven production. The versatile HydroFormer concept for wet-laid nonwovens builds on Voith’s longstanding experience from the paper and pulp industry.

The use of long-fiber cellulose as feedstock results in a very special characteristic, as it enables the production of flushable wipes. These are wet personal hygiene and cleaning wipes produced from 100% biodegradable materials.

Collaboration with Trützschler Nonwovens

Voith is offering solutions for manufacturing wet-laid nonwovens (WLS) in collaboration with Trützschler Nonwovens, the pioneer and leading partner for nonwoven production. Once the nonwoven has been formed by the HydroFormer, it is bonded by the AquaJet, the leading machine solution for hydroentanglement. The white water from the former is filtered via a shared water cycle with downstream production steps, treated and returned to the manufacturing process.

Further information


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Application & Business Development Specialty Paper

Senior Manager


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  • Production of multi-ply end products in just one process step
  • Possible use of a wide range of different raw material (pulp, synthetic or inorganic fibers)
  • Highly flexible and cost efficient raw material input: Up to 100% cellulose
  • Minimal fiber losses due to filtering of the white water
  • Decades of experience and technical market leadership in wet-laid processes