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NipcoFlex Ø770


Higher dry content and web strength

The Mini-NipcoFlex is a press module for nearly all paper machines. It increases the dry content after the press by up to 3% at the same machine speed.

The Mini-NipcoFlex operates with the proven shoe press technology and gives improved runability through higher web strength after the press. Dewatering is done in a gentle, volume-preserving fashion, which is why using the Mini-NipcoFlex is advantageous especially with heavy grammages. In addition, the felt service life can be extended thanks to lower peak pressures in the shoe nip. The Mini-NipcoFlex is characterized by its insensitivity to vibrations, especially in highly loaded press nips.

The Mini-NipcoFlex press module is suitable for nearly all paper machines, both new systems as well as rebuilds. In the case of a rebuild, the modification expenditure is low since the existing press configuration can be retained.