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Best dewatering in class with proven shoe press technology

    The main function of the press section is the mechanical dewatering of the paper web. Furthermore, the press configuration determines surface properties such as smoothness and two-sidedness. The goal in the press section is to achieve the greatest possible dewatering, since mechanical pressing is much more economical than drying by heat. In addition, the highest possible dry content contributes to higher web strength, so that the risk of web breaks during transfer to the dryer section and during the entire operation is reduced. The paper web enters the press section with a dry content of 15 to 22% and leaves the section with a dry content of 40 to 55%.
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    Excellent shoe press concept for all paper grades
    Proven NipcoFlex technology

    Since its first installation in 1984, the NipcoFlex module from Voith has proven itself in more than 620 shoe press installations. The decisive technological advantage of the shoe press is its high press impulse to the paper web. The combination of a long dwell time of the paper in the nip and optimal pressure gradients enables maximum production capacity at the highest quality level. Furthermore, NipcoFlex ensures that specific energy and production costs are minimized.

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    Portfolio of shoe press concepts

      Single NipcoFlex – Compact concept for selected applications

      As an alternative to the Tandem NipcoFlex, the Single NipcoFlex press may be used for materials like wood-free papers that can easily be dewatered.

      The Single NipcoFlex is our shoe press concept with the shortest overall length. The compact solution provides the same reliable components and features as the larger Tandem NipcoFlex concept. Reduced rewetting is achieved through short and optimized transfer distances.

      The Single NipcoFlex includes one NipcoFlex press module and is a proven concept for graphic and sack paper. As a variation with a transbelt and an optional subsequent MG cylinder, the Single NipcoFlex is suitable for specialty papers.

      Voith‘s modular design allows the application of different suction elements. Depending on the required speed range, the Single NipcoFlex can be equipped with transfer suction boxes or suction felt rolls for higher speeds. Voith offers special felt designs for optimum performance.

      Your benefits with Single NipcoFlex

      • Reduced investment cost through extremely compact design
      • Modular concept for flexible individual customization
      • High drainage performance combined with energy savings
      • Low running costs and easy maintenance

      DuoCentri NipcoFlex – Concept for lower basis weights in combination with one smooth paper side

      The proven DuoCentri NipcoFlex concept is especially suitable for lighter grades, for example packaging and specialty, in combination with higher machine speeds.

      The utilization of three felts reduces running costs for production consumables. The unique press arrangement provides improved cross moisture profiles.

      With a double-felted first press nip followed by a suction press roll, the last press nip is formed by a NipcoFlex shoe press. All three presses are arranged in a very compact combination. In the last press, the smooth bottom side is defined by a ceramic-coated Nipco P roll.

      Your benefits with DuoCentri NipcoFlex

      • Low running cost ensure the most economic concept
      • Compact design reduces investment costs
      • Widespread application window
      • Smart features for reliable paper production
      • Clean design for a safer operation

      Tandem NipcoFlex – Concept with the widest application window and combinability with various add-on presses

      The Tandem NipcoFlex joins the power of two inline shoe presses. With a wide application window, the Tandem NipcoFlex is suitable for board, packaging, graphic, newsprint and specialty paper grades.

      In combination with a transfer belt, it is the preferred concept for graphic papers. Various add-on presses can be added for increased demands regarding surface properties.

      Our modular design allows the application of different suction elements offering maximum flexibility. Depending on the required speed range, the Tandem NipcoFlex can be equipped with transfer suction boxes or suction felt rolls for higher speeds.

      The optimized geometry ensures low rewetting. The fully supported web run is configured for high performance depending on grammage and speed.

      Your benefits with Tandem NipcoFlex

      • Superior dry contents
      • Flexible and modular concept to suit your individual requirements
      • Smart features for reliable paper production

      Triple NipcoFlex – The shoe press for high speeds and high basis weights

      Voith's Triple NipcoFlex press concept is comprised of three NipcoFlex shoe presses. This concept allows running heavy basis weights in combination with high production speeds. The Triple NipcoFlex technology provides supreme dry content and high production rates.
      The Triple NipcoFlex is the high-end concept within our shoe press family. Three powerful shoe presses provide up to 3x 1300 kN/m.

      A ceramic coated roll in the third shoe press creates a smooth paper bottom side. Short and optimized transfer distances ensure a safe web run and reduced rewetting.

      Your benefits with Triple NipcoFlex

      • The power of three NipcoFlex shoe presses
      • High performance webrun
      • Superior dry contents
      • High runability

      Key components

        NipcoFlex module

        The NipcoFlex shoe presses stand out due to their simple, reliable designs. The decisive technological advantage of modern shoe presses is their high press impulse to the paper web. The combination of a long dwell time of the paper in the nip and optimal pressure gradients enables maximum production capacity at the highest quality level. This optimal loading for paper dewatering is made possible by the combination of a position-stable backing roll and a hydraulically loaded concave pressure shoe under a flexible press sleeve of the NipcoFlex roll.
        Voith’s NipcoFlex shoe press is the best one I have ever used. And Voith is our paper mill’s best partner.
        Jun Pang, Deputy General Manager at Jinzhou Paper
        A record for press rebuilds – Read the article
        High paper quality

        The design of the NipcoFlex shoe with top and bottom parts in combination with an insulation leads to low bending, excellent line load profiles and reduced maintenance effort. The hydrodynamic shoe design provides a gentle pressure buildup and high safety against crushing. Additionally, the NipcoFlex features a single pressure control system for simple load control.

        High dry content & energy savings

        Voith’s patented tilted press stack design offers maximum drainage performance with the lowest rewetting of felts on the market. The NipcoFlex module ensures efficient sleeve water removal due to the internal loadable support bar with dampening effect. The intelligent internal air/vacuum control assures high sleeve lifetime and best energy savings.

        QualiFlex press sleeves

        The requirements for press sleeves are different not just for every paper grade but also for individual machines. QualiFlex offers the best solution for this challenge: a product portfolio designed to fit general grade specific requirements, with several possibilities for further individual customization.
        Learn more about QualiFlex

        HydroSeal seal strip for all suction rolls

        HydroSeal is the first to provide the option of dispensing with the conventional lubricating shower regardless of the type of suction roll or manufacturer.

        Thanks to HydroSeal, the lubricating water is distributed continuously over the entire width of the seal strip, which allows the surface to be continuously covered with a homogeneous film of lubricating water. The efficient feed substantially reduces the amount of lubricating water required. Moreover, this new design prevents remoistening of the paper web and also improves the CD moisture profile.

        Learn more about HydroSeal

        ProTect press fabric measurement system

        ProTect allows the precise measurement of fabric moisture and permeability at various points along the fabric. The system can be used with all commercially available manual measurement devices, but without the risk of endangering the maintenance team or service personnel. Thanks to its sophisticated design, all moving parts are predominantly outside the machine. This prevents wear and additional maintenance outlay.
        Learn more about ProTect and request a free feasibility study

        OnQ ModuleSteam for controlled moisture cross profile in the press

        OnQ ModuleSteam
        The OnQ ModuleSteam controls the moisture cross profile in the press. It brings about high dry content, good moisture cross profiles and improved threading in the dryer section. Due to its small space requirement, it can be easily retrofitted into an existing press section.
        Learn more about OnQ ModuleSteam

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          Engineered for success

            maximum line load, this equals the take-off weight of two Airbus A380-800
            Market leader with more than 620 NipcoFlex units sold worldwide
            years of experience with NipcoFlex shoe presses
            NipcoFlex shoe presses already circled 90,157 times the earth

            NipcoFlex increases production of board machine by 15 percent

            The installation of a NipcoFlex shoe press was the first step in a comprehensive rebuild of the BM 1 at Macedonian Paper Mills (MEL) in Thessaloniki, Greece. This measure allowed the internationally operating manufacturer of board and packaging papers to increase machine production by 15 percent.

            “With the new press section, we were able to improve board quality characteristics, reduce breaks and therefore significantly increase machine availability,” explains Georgios Georgiadis, the manager of the board factory.

            Read more about the successful rebuild at MEL
            Georgios Georgiadis, MEL Mill Manager and Andreas Zangl, Sales Manager Voith Paper

            Wanlida increases its production speed with NipcoFlex

            In the shoe press upgrade on Wanlida Paper-Products Co., Ltd's BM 4 and BM 5 machines, the entire process from shutting down to restarting was carried out smoothly. The operating speed of the two machines went up by 50 to 80 m/min and the dryness of the paper out of the press section went up from 45% to over 50%, well surpassing the expectations of this Chinese customer.

            Read more about the success at Wanlida
            We are very satisfied with the overall performance of the machines following the shoe press upgrade, which has brought us tangible and notable benefits in terms of improved dryness, reduced energy consumption, lowered operating and maintenance costs, and improved operational efficiency.

            NipMaster analysis program for optimum dewatering

              Designed for efficiency

              Designed for efficiency

              The NipMaster concept exploits the surface design of suction and press rolls and comprehensively analyzes optimum dewatering characteristics.

              Read the article

              Servolution. Service at the next level

                At Voith, the success of the customer takes center stage. Service means delivering customized service solutions and utilizing our full expertise to help our customers reach their goals.

                Harry Roth inspects the NipcoFlex.

                NipcoFlex press service for maximum press performance

                Our globally active Voith service specialists can cover every issue related to the press section. As a full-range supplier of paper machines, we also offer know-how in the areas of automation, clothing, as well as measurement technology and diagnostics.

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