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SkyTop T

SkyTop T

Gentle cleaning at high temperatures

The SkyTop T doctor blade for ceramic covers is suitable for use at high temperatures of up to 240 °C. The service life of the roll is extended, and the speed of the machine is increased.

SkyTop T is a fiber composite that contains particles graduated according to their size, along with cleaning and reinforcement fibers. Together with the low-wear and low-friction carbon fibers and the high-temperature duroplast matrix, the particles create a wellcleaned and finely conditioned roll surface. The strength of the supporting fibers crosswise to the direction of the paper is increased in comparison to the cleaning fibers in the direction of the paper. Cleaning and polishing materials strengthen the entire composite. The doctor maintains constant surface roughness of the roll and extends its service life. The speed of the paper machine can be increased.

SkyTop T is suitable for cleaning rolls with ceramic covers in all sections of the paper machine and can be used at high temperatures of up to 240 °C.