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    As a full liner, Voith offers advanced solutions around doctoring. Our Voith Doctoring Solutions team analyzes and investigates doctoring systems onsite and develops proposals to increase your paper machine efficiency.

    With expertise and know-how, we work out perfect solutions with the focus on optimizing the doctor work and roll surface conditioning in order to increase the efficiency of the doctor systems and blades as well as roll covers. Cost savings and continuous improvements result in a higher paper machine efficiency, leading to a measurable value for our customers.

    Solution portfolio:

    • Maintenance and alignment of doctoring systems
    • Blade inventory management system
    • New doctor systems, rebuilds and upgrades
    • SensorBlade measurements
    • In-depth doctoring investigations
    • Service and troubleshooting
    • Doctor and sealing blades
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    Product news: Blade Inventory Management System

      New part of our solution: Blade Inventory Management System

      New part of our solutions: Blade Inventory Management System

      With the new Blade Inventory Management System (BIMS), we reduce our customers’ administration efforts significantly with these features:
      • Automatic re-supply of used doctor blades
      • No counting of existing blade boxes
      • No manual updating of blade lists or inventory checks is necessary
      • No more purchase orders are needed
      • No urgent orders or deliveries due to automatic refilling of used doctor blades
      • Digitalization: Stock is available 24/7 online via OnCare.pmPortal access
      Learn more Datasheet Video

      Part of our solutions: SensorBlade measurements

        Sensor-driven efficiency: SensorBlade measurement

        Sensor-driven efficiency: SensorBlade measurement

        SensorBlade is a reliable measurement tool that detects incorrect settings of doctor systems. With the help of SensorBlade, the line load profile of doctor blades can be measured in CD during a machine shutdown. The results will help optimize the settings and alignment of the doctor system:
        • Detection of uneven blade load pressure distribution over the entire roll length
        • Optimal setting of the doctor system
        • Higher machine efficiency and lower TCO
        Datasheet Video

        Part of our solutions: Investigation, maintenance and alignment

          Improve your doctoring efficiency: In-depth doctoring investigation, maintenance and alignment of doctoring systems

          Improve your doctoring efficiency: In-depth doctoring investigation, maintenance and alignment of doctoring systems

          With our in-depth doctoring investigation, Voith doctoring solutions experts generate an overview of the condition of your doctoring systems. The investigation includes the inspection and mechanical control of blade holders, oscillations, turnbuckles, cover plates, alignment of the doctor system to the roll, etc. Blade angles in the machine are measured and wear profiles of the doctor blades are created at problematic positions. In addition, roll covers and cylinder surfaces, as well as the blade lubrication systems, are checked and abnormalities are documented.

          In most cases, the root cause of doctoring issues is, in fact, not a blade problem. The reason is often a misaligned and/or insufficiently maintained doctoring system. Therefore, our experts analyze the situation to find the root cause and give recommendations for optimizing the doctor work and roll surface conditioning in order to increase the efficiency of the doctor systems and blades as well as roll covers. 

          Voith doctoring solutions experts provide premium maintenance and alignment of doctoring systems for all kind of paper machines.

          Solution portfolio:

          • New doctor systems, rebuilds and upgrades
          • Maintenance and alignment of doctoring systems
          • Service and troubleshooting
          • In-depth doctoring investigations

          Part of our solutions: The perfect blade for your application

            SkySeal Plus

            SkySeal Plus

            SkySeal Plus is a highly efficient sealing strip specially designed for demanding positions in Voith dryer section stabilizers. It is available for all Voith stabilizers equipped with MultiSeal technology.


            • Non-abrasive material that will not damage the dryer fabric
            • Ease of installation and change
            • Superior material characteristics that resist deformation and retain their original shape
            • Excellent sealing effect to reduce energy consumption
            SkySeal Plus datasheet

            SkyTerra S

            Intensive ceramic roll cleaning: SkyTerra S

            SkyTerra S doctor blades provide the most advanced cleaning of the cover and produce the best surface condition over the long run time.


            • Non-stick blade coating to avoid contamination build-up
            • Intensive cleaning of TerraSpeed and CeraLease coatings

            SkyTop Plus

            Intensive cleaning and conditioning efficiency for perfect sheet release: SkyTop Plus

            SkyTop Plus creates a well-cleaned and finely conditioned roll surface and improves the sheet release.


            • Carbon fiber composite with finely regraded cleaning and polishing particles
            • Designed for extreme mechanical loads
            • Best roll conditioning and longest blade lifetime

            Doctoring accessories for improved maintenance and alignment of doctor systems

              Blade angle meter

              A correct blade angle setting is mandatory to achieve an optimum doctor blade performance in terms of roll cover cleaning and conditioning as well as blade lifetime. Voith’s digital angle meter is specially designed to measure the doctor blade angle and check the adjustment of the doctor system.

              The compact design also enables the measurement of the blade angle in very tight positions and with the use of one hand only. Reading the results is easy due to the highly visible digital display with an accuracy reading rate of ± 0.10.

              Blade holder cleaner

              Dirty blade holders can make it difficult to install new doctor blades. Furthermore, uneven line load and blade wear profiles can occur due to dirt and blocked fingers. With our blade holder cleaning device, dirt is automatically removed from the blade holder. Up to three spray nozzles can be installed on the device, which are aimed at the blade-guiding fingers. The cleaning devices remove deposits and dirt out of the holder and fingers, so an easier installation of the doctor blade is possible. Our blade holder cleaner can be used with water or compressed air, making it suitable for almost all doctor positions.


              Our SkyMount doctor blade storage provides five slots to store doctor blades safely and easily next to the paper machine. Of course, you can also use them in your storage room for a clearly arranged warehouse. SkyMount units can easily be moved, as they are delivered with wheels. Furthermore, due to their special design, it is also possible to stack two SkyMount units. Features:
              • Strong material: blue painted steel
              • Delivered with four wheels, two of which can be locked
              • Stock able design
              • Easy opening lock bar
              • Easy access to doctor blades due to the open design

              Reference Projects

                Werner Krobath, Head of Coating & Pulping Process at Norske Skog Bruck PM 4, AT
                We had problems with strong paper jams on the last drying cylinder of the coater, which led to increased machine downtime. With the help of a SensorBlade measurement, we were able to detect deviations in the blade line load across the machine width and initiate targeted countermeasures.
                Werner Krobath, Head of Coating & Pulping Process at Norske Skog Bruck PM 4, AT
                Mr. Bart Lensink, Head of Production PM1
                By using SkyCal, we have been able to sustainably improve surface cleanliness. Already existing impurities caused by steel blades could be eliminated with SkyCal and kept constantly clean. This enables us to meet our claim of producing the highest quality and contributing to operational excellence.
                Mr. Bart Lensink, Head of Production PM1 at Crown Van Gelder

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