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The high-performing press fabric with fast saturation

Velocity is a press fabric based on a special yarn array. This press fabric maintains void volume and dewatering performance throughout its operational life.

The press fabric Velocity absorbs water in a fast way thanks to a uniform special yarn array. It provides a faster saturation of the fabric to reach efficient hydraulic nip pressure. Reduced break-in and increased nip dewatering are further results. In addition, the uniform non-woven yarn array provides a more even pressure distribution across the width of the fabric, enhancing the water removal from the paper. To increase void volume while maintaining compressibility, the Vector module can also be introduced to the fabric structure.

Velocity has smaller pores than conventional press fabrics, this generates higher pressure velocity that helps to flush away contamination. Thanks to this self-cleaning function dirt trapping on the surface of the press fabric can be prevented and high quality paper produced.

Velocity is the perfect press fabric for graphic and tissue paper machines, along with select board and packaging positions. Voith offers three different types of this press fabric. Thanks to the modular concept they can be customized to the individual requirements of the application.


  • Velocity - The high-performing press fabric with fast saturation


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