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Your connection to success

Voith CargoFlex
Type Scharfenberg

Thinking Freight Transport Further

    Current megatrends in mobility and logistics indicate the future of rail freight transport. Rising transport volumes and the required logistics services involved will lead to growing demand being placed on the transport industry. The key to master this challenge is to increase efficiency and transport performance. With our fully automatic coupler Voith CargoFlex Type Scharfenberg we are Your connection to efficiency and success.

    Our Solution

      Voith CargoFlex Type Scharfenberg

      • For wagons
      • Automatic coupling
      • Fully automated train formation

      Voith CargoFlex Hybrid

      • For locomotives
      • Automatic coupling and uncoupling
      • Coupling with drawhook if required

      Your Advantages

        Higher safety

        • Avoids accidents by eliminating dangerous coupling work between cars
        • Proven locking mechanism
        • Reliable energy absorption systems
        • Reduced risk of derailment in turns by reduced sheering forces
        • Shock and traction damping during operation by a zero-backlash system


        • Automatic coupling
        • Fully automated train formation

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        Time savings

        • Time savings due to automated operation
        • Reduction of holding time and of interval between trains can be achieved

        Future-oriented technologies

        • Modular design prepares for innovative applications
        • Higher maximum loads enable the formation of longer trains

        Reduced costs

        • Cost-optimized operation
        • Reduced personal costs
        • Reduced maintenance costs by minimized wear of wheels and rails
        • Minimized wear of wheels and rails
        • Cost-effective car body constructions are possible

        Flexible customer solutions

        • Customized solutions due to modular design (functions, energy absorption, etc.)
        • Integration of mixed couplers is possible

        The Voith CargoFlex is an essential part of our automation efforts on the first and last mile. By using the automatic freight coupler, we want to reduce the time required for the train formation process by 50%.
        Anja-Maria Sonntag, Project lead automation, SBB Cargo

        Our Technology for Your Success

          With Voith CargoFlex Type Scharfenberg we support the railway industry in improving its competitiveness and strengthening its market position.

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            Start of regular operation at SBB Cargo

            On May 6, 2019, SBB Cargo started regular operations with Voith's CargoFlex. Since then, 25 locomotives and around 100 cars have successfully operated with the automatic freight coupler. "The concept of the CargoFlex has proven itself so far; the traffic has been stable since its introduction, and the customers of SBB Cargo receive their goods on time. The automatic coupler has also been well received by employees because their work is faster, safer and less physically demanding," summarizes Jasmin Bigdon, Head of Asset Management and Member of the Executive Board of SBB Cargo. "On all cars equipped with the automatic coupler, the system for the automatic brake test was also installed. This will be intensively tested in 2019 and is expected to be operational by spring 2020 with all safety features in place," she adds.

            Voith at the transport logistic 2019

            Voith and SBB Cargo, pioneers in the automation of European rail freight transport, co-presented at transport logistic 2019. The latest development of the CargoFlex with energy transmission was part of the intelligent freight car "5L-next" of the Swiss freight experts. "The joint appearance of Voith and SBB Cargo was a great success and the best opportunity to demonstrate the digital, automatic coupler in its natural environment," says Christian Radewagen, Vice President Couplers at Voith. "The trade audience also showed great interest in automation and Voith's latest technology."

            Award-winning technology

            Voith received the Innovation Award 2018 for CargoFlex at the Hannover Fair. The coveted award from the Bahn-Media Verlag recognizes important new technical developments and innovations within the rail industry. The automatic freight coupler convinced the expert jury with its contribution to a more efficient rail transport through automation.

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