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Ready for the Future of Rail Freight Transport

Voith Cargoflex

Your Advantages

    Higher Safety

    • Increased operational safety as the automatic coupler saves entering the Berner space
    • Use of proven locking concepts and reliable energy absorption systems
    • Increased operational safety by adding Crash Energy Management
    • Minimizes the risk of derailment when traversing a curve due to reduced lateral forces
    • “Clearance-free” connection reduces loads and shocks in drive mode
    • Improved load safety due to reduction of load peaks and accelerations from coupling impacts


    • Automation of operational procedures due to automatic coupling
    • Extendable to automatic decoupling due to remote release
    • Integration of signal transmission offers monitoring options
    • Optional sensor upgrade to increase automation

    Time Savings

    • Less time required due to automatic coupling on multiple coupling points on freight trains
    • Remote decoupling keeps time required to a minimum
    • Reduction in out-of-service times due to automatic brake tests
    • Reduced braking distances due to optimized braking allows shorter headway and out-of-service times
    • Optimized brakes allow quicker vehicle speeds and therefore shorter journey times

    Future-Oriented Solutions

    • Future-oriented extension options allow use in innovative applications
    • Ready for self-driving systems
    • Increase in rail freight transport competitiveness
    • Ready for use on longer freight trains

    Reduced Costs

    • Cost reduction due to optimization of operating procedures
    • Reduction in personnel costs
    • Cost reduction due to minimized wear between wheel and track
    • Reduced production costs due to simplified vehicle design using centralized introduction of tensile and compressive forces
    • More straightforward design allows greater freight rates and therefore lower transport costs

    Individual Customer Solutions

    • Engineering for customer-specific solutions
    • Modular design allows flexible adaptation to customer requirements
    • Integration of a mixed-train coupler possible
    • Meets current standards