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Crash Elements and Crash Boxes

Best possible protection for passengers and train

Should further energy absorption be required, Voith Turbo Scharfenberg provides tailor-made solutions. These can be specifically designed according to their application and requirement profile and thus offer the best possible protection for both passengers and train.

Crash Elements for UIC Side Buffers

Crash elements for locomotives are mounted between the lateral UIC buffers and the locomotive car body. They are equipped with proven and tested deformation tubes. Their standard UIC flange allows all kinds of side buffers to be connected. In case of a crash, the UIC flanges can completely slide into the deformation tubes.

Crash Boxes

The collapsible crash boxes are made of steel plate and situated in the train front end behind the coupler level. In case of a crash exceeding the coupler’s energy absorption capacity, the remaining energy is transferred to the crash boxes and converted into deformation energy. Lateral anti-climbers provide additional safety.