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Systems Engineering – Hydraulic Systems

Voith hydraulic systems always fulfill your requirements – exactly. You get a plug-and‑play solution, customized for you and from a single source.

We understand the processes behind your equipment and systems. And that's the basis for an optimal hydraulic solution.

We develop hydraulic systems for you that are as simple as possible and as sophisticated as necessary.


Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA
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71277 Rutesheim, Germany

Tel. +49 7152 992-3
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Advantages and benefits

  • Voith hydraulic systems are streamlined and functional. You save time and money in the development and commissioning of your machine or system.
  • For example, we design hydraulic systems with multiple pressure circuits, elim­inate throttling points, or use variable speed drives. This can cut your energy usage by up to 70%.
  • Depending on your needs, our hydraulic systems can be equipped with a closed oil circuit. This makes our systems self-contained – no external oil supply need­ed. You save on installation space and operating costs.
  • Our hydraulic systems are designed to be robust, durable, and low-maintenance, giving your equipment or systems a characteristically high degree of reliability and availability.


The following are some typical examples of Voith hydraulic systems deployed for a wide variety of applications. Don't see yours here? Contact us. We'll find the solution that meets your needs.

Drive Systems for Punching and Nibbling Machines

Hydraulic punch drives from Voith are complete systems of modular design. This makes it possible to assemble lean and economical drive systems for every class of punching machine.

Drive Systems for Punching and Shearing Applications

Hydraulic drive systems for punching and shearing applications are compact, short-stroke valve cylinder units. The drives feature modular design, giving them the highest degree of application flexibility.

CLDP Self Contained 
Drives/ Linear Drives


CLDP servo drives are linear drives with hydraulic power transmission. This makes the drives nearly wear-free and gives them unlimited overload pro­tec­tion. They feature compact design and an integrated closed-loop hydraulic system.

Variable Speed Pumps, Servo Pumps

The future of hydraulics has arrived with variable speed pumps. With these pumps, hydraulic systems are achieving a functionality never seen before. You save up to 70% more energy over con­ventional hydraulic systems.

PSH Press Drive


The innovative PSH press drive is a highly flexible drive system for servo presses. It allows you to design your motion sequence and press force in a precise and highly flexible manner.

CSH Die Cushion Drive


The innovative CSH Press Drive is a very flexible drive system for deep drawing presses. The die cushion becomes a servo cushion. During the entire deep drawing process, you actively and precisely set the charac­ter­istic for position, force and speed.

Accumulator Charging Units

Accumulator charging units are the flywheels of hydraulic systems. Their task is to temporarily store hydraulic energy. Using an accumulator charging circuit makes particular sense if the energy demand of a hydraulic system varies greatly.

Self Contained Drive PDSC

The PDSC (Press Drive Self Contained) is a hydraulic linear drive that is characterized by a high power density and high dynamics.

The Self Contained Drive CLSP

The servo drive CLSP is a hydraulic linear drive from the Voith product family of self-contained drives. Characteristics for self-contained Voith servo drives are the high energy efficiency, overload safety and nearly wear-free operation.