What Direct Entrants Say

What Direct Entrants Say

What is it like to work for Voith? Our list of experience reports provides an insight into our company and presents Voith from the perspective of the employees.

The Global Graduate Program is a Management Priority

Even while a student in industrial engineering, Björn Kleigrewe knew he wanted to kick off his career in a trainee program. It was especially the positive reports by colleagues about the company that caused him to take a closer look at Voith. With his focus on logistics and processes, he had the perfect background for a successful start with Voith Turbo in the Rail Vehicles Division.

Successfully completed university studies, internship in aerospace, career entry as trainee in a growth market: For Björn Kleigrewe, acceptance to the Global Graduate Program at Voith Turbo meant everything was going according to plan. For twelve months, he got to know the company – and also to value it, and so he began his permanent position as Project Manager Supply Chain in the Rail Vehicles Division. He finds especially attractive the opportunity to make a useful contribution in a strongly growing market: “In threshold countries, like China, entire regions have to be equipped with transportation infrastructure – and I like being able to help make the world a better place,” says Björn Kleigrewe, putting into words his enthusiasm for his job. He already had the chance to do that while in the Global Graduate Program.

Exciting stations, topics and products

As part of the Global Graduate Program at Voith, trainees get to know three “stations” in detail over a period of twelve months: These stations are mainly the various plants, with their corresponding products, which are spread throughout the world. At each station, the trainees work on different self-contained topics that are oriented on the respective focus in the Global Graduate Program. Selection of stations and topics is made together with the trainees. For that purpose, each trainee has a mentor as a direct contact: Usually, it is the plant manager – for the Global Graduate Program is a management priority at Voith.
That was also Björn Kleigrewe's experience. His first station was the plant in Salzgitter, with the focus on supply chain and logistics. Here he analyzed and optimized the parts kit process of the Scharfenberg coupling. In Salzgitter, Voith produces the couplings, which are used in express trains and subways. Then they are installed on site in China: Björn Kleigrewe's second station – at least that was the plan. But surprising formalities did not permit a continuous stay for several months. Working together with his contact at Voith Turbo, he quickly found a solution: Björn Kleigrewe first went to China for three months. There he had the opportunity to participate when the parts kits were installed and to initiate the measures he developed for better interface communication on site. Then his path took him to Australia, to the Voith plant near Sydney. Here, too, parts kits for the Scharfenberg couplings are installed and overhauled. And so he was able to gain valuable experience and make important contacts. The return trip went through China: He checked the extent that the measures he initiated were still being followed. “This great flexibility, the variety of opportunities and great support by the mentor are an immense advantage of Voith: Together, we always find a solution!”, said Björn Kleigrewe, summarizing his experience in the company.
He spent the last four months of the trainee program in the plant at Heidenheim: Working on mainly logistical topics and processes related to turbo transmissions, he had the chance to get to know a completely different product.

Optimally supported – with close contact to management

Besides gaining comprehensive insight into the company, the Global Graduate Program was an opportunity to make numerous contacts and build up a network – including with those at the highest level: A special highlight for Björn Kleigrewe was the fireside chat with the general manager of Voith Turbo during the training week, which is part of the program: “This was just a wonderful opportunity to make contact with someone at the highest management level in an informal setting,” Björn Kleigrewe remembers. For Björn Kleigrewe, this closeness to management is characteristic of Voith as an employer:

“It's a successful family-owned company with a lot of engineering competence and very attractive, innovative products, though in terms of size it's a large corporation. The company offers the opportunity to actively contribute and shape things.”

And so Björn Kleigrewe was happy to receive an offer to continue working for Voith after the trainee program: As Project Manager Supply Chain, he works on projects throughout the entire value chain - from purchasing to shipping. This coordinating and facilitating role includes meetings and frequent discussions with interface areas on a daily basis. His broad experience and many contacts from his trainee year are very valuable here.

Vera Davydoff
Materials Controller at Voith Turbo


My name is Vera Davydoff. I have completed an apprenticeship as an industrial administrator at Voith and was so impressed by the company that I stayed on. After finishing my apprenticeship I was hired as a materials controller for Voith Turbo Marine. Why I decided for this career path is quite simple: Voith is a global company and represented in Heidenheim with all of its four Group Divisions.

During my training I had an opportunity to get to know various areas and departments of the Group, and was able to find out for myself which areas I liked. This proved to be highly useful for my orientation in the job market and my entry into working life. Materials controlling is a very interesting and diverse job. It covers all activities around requirement planning, procurement, stock control, inventory, etc. Materials controllers are the interface to service, sales, purchasing, logistics and production - they are always up to date and in permanent contact with suppliers.

Thomas Angstenberger
Project Manager at Voith Paper 

My name is Thomas Angstenberger. I started at Voith as a trainee, now I am a project manager for value analysis at Voith Paper. I am responsible for optimizing our products and subassemblies in cross-functional project teams, in order to meet the demands of the market and continuously rising cost pressures. A structured project progression and the strict application of methods are key elements of value analysis. A large number of projects have revealed that costs can be significantly reduced without sacrificing quality, and that the competitiveness of the products can be considerably increased. The project portfolio is wide-ranging. The complex paper production process incorporates many disciplines and makes my job very diverse. The continuous exchange with technical specialists is both interesting and motivating. The excellent working climate makes teamwork easy and creates a good basis for project success.

Tommy Schmid
Industrial Engineer in Production Planning at Voith Turbo 

Hello, my name is Tommy Schmid. I started at Voith as a trainee and I also wrote my diploma thesis at Voith. Now I work as an industrial engineer in the production planning department of Voith Turbo Rail in Heidenheim. As a production planner I am responsible for the economical and on-time production of diesel drive systems for rail vehicles. The drive systems are based on the hydrodynamic principle, are used worldwide in a wide range of locomotives and special vehicles and ensure maximum operating safety and availability even under tough conditions. Alongside my daily planning tasks there are always new and exciting projects, which provide new challenges. At the moment I am working on the implementation of a new control concept for mechanical production on the basis of the "lean production" approach. The special challenge of planning lies in the technical complexity of the product, which is made in several stages with high production depth. In a highly motivated team and a professional environment, working at Voith is really rewarding.

Elisa Wang-Ruehrnoessel
Integration Manager in China at Voith Paper 

My name is Elisa Wang-Ruehrnoessl. After graduating from the Voith Paper International Trainee Program in January 2010, I was offered the great opportunity to work as 'Build-up China' integration manager in Kunshan, China. In this position I work together with colleagues from various departments as well as different cultural backgrounds and get an insight in many of the company's processes. I support and align subprojects, analyze and monitor success and project risks and report to the top management.

Where else do you get the chance to take on so much responsibility in a strategic project in one of the world's most important markets as a newcomer?

Daniel Jürgens
International Trainee at Voith Paper 

I am an international trainee at Voith Paper. During my one-year training program I have looked after three projects at various locations in China and Germany. This gave me an opportunity to gain a deep insight in different working methods and the cooperation between different locations.

Alongside these projects I am working as part of the international trainee team on a task given to us by the management of Voith Paper. The challenge: making the best use of an intercultural team at various locations and organize the project independently.

"The experience gained within the international trainee program will prepare me for working in an international environment."

What I appreciate particularly is the excellent teamwork and the partnership among colleagues, as well as the openness and the support offered to me as a newcomer to Voith.

Dominik Kodytek
TRQM Employee and Site Manager at Voith Industrial Services

My name is Dominik Kodytek and I am a TRQM employee as well as a Site Manager at Voith Industrial Services in Esslingen. We deal primarily with infrastructural facility management, disposal logistics and many other areas. I am in charge of quality assurance, processing tenders as well as looking after our customers, and I also perform duties as Site Manager in our day-to-day business.

I started out as a DHBW student for industrial engineering with the focus on facility management. During my studies, the employees at the location looked after me extremely well, which helped me to gain a good insight in a wide range of tasks. I was allowed to apply and deepen the knowledge acquired during my theoretical learning phase directly in various active projects and was gradually given more and more responsibility. Most of my current duties are strongly oriented on the key subjects of my studies.

Looking back I can say that I received every possible support during my studies, and the experience of my helpful colleagues as well as internal training measures, have prepared me optimally for future duties. Thanks to the trusting and open approach of the people around me I was able to smoothly and quickly integrate into the team.

The highly practice-oriented training model, the trusting and constructive cooperation with the team, as well as having an opportunity to work independently, were the foundations for a successful career at Voith Industrial Services.

Owing to the wide range of tasks offered by a worldwide active company, there are always new opportunities for further training, whose attendance is expressly encouraged by Voith. For this reason I feel in good hands at Voith Industrial Services, also as far as my professional future is concerned.

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