Working at Voith

The reconciliation of family and working life is one of our major concerns and a firm constituent of our personnel policy; we would like to offer our employees an attractive workplace that is flexibly adaptable to their life situation.

We Offer Flexible Working Hours 

Voith offers a variety of working hour models for its employees and thus supports a healthy work-life balance. The possibilities range from part-time contracts to a combination of "Working from Home" and spending time at the workplace. In coordination with line managers and colleagues, our employees are free to arrange their working hours flexibly and thus adapt them to their individual family situation.

We Trust in Each Other

We believe in a supportive and cooperative environment. Trust is the basis of our business relations, and most of all of the interaction between colleagues. This motto is also reflected in our Voith values and our slogan "Engineered reliability."

We Provide Child Care

Apart from our in-house crèche, many Voith subsidiaries also offer child care facilities in cooperation with local kindergartens. At selected locations there is also an emergency child care scheme or a dedicated parent-child room that allows our employees to bring their child to work and thus ensure supervision in an emergency.

We Promote Your Health

Voith systematically promotes the health and the wellbeing of its employees. The relevant measures vary from location to location. Alongside medical advice by company doctors, Voith also offers health checks and preventative courses.

In addition, we take great care of providing healthy and balanced meal options in our staff restaurants, in order to preserve the wellbeing and fitness of our workforce.

We Contribute to Your Pension

Increasing life expectancy and sinking birth rates have caused many employers to cut down on the benefits of the statutory pension system. For many people, an additional private pension contract will therefore be indispensable.

In order to fill possible pension gaps in old age, Voith offers its employees a range of retirement insurance schemes that are tailored to the personal situation of the employee.

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"It amazes me how these relatively large machines can, in a very complex process, make a product as delicate as paper!"

Sebastian Bläsing, Product Manager Process Technology, Voith Paper

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