Actuators and Control Systems

Turbomachinery Control Systems, Turbine Actuators and Control Systems, Actuation and Controls

Voith actuators and control systems ensure that gas turbines, steam turbines and compressors can be operated more efficiently, safely and reliably.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Actuators
  • Turbomachinery control systems
  • Turbomachinery protection systems
  • Engineering, service and retrofitting

We not only offer components, but also complete solutions – hardware and software, all from one source. An advantage that simplifies a lot and lowers costs. The control system of turbines and compressors runs smoothly.





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DSG I/H Converter

Voith I/H Converter Type DSG, CPC Current-to-Pressure Converter

An I/H converter is a current-to-pressure converters (CPC), which adjusts hy­draulic positioning cylinders by means of a pilot valve. more

DSM I/H Converter Module

Voith I/H Converter Module Type DSM, Redundant Dual Current-to-Pressure Converter (Dual CPC)

An I/H converter module consists of two I/H converters (dual CPC) connected in parallel, which create a fully redundant system. more

WSR Way Valve

Voith Way Valve Type WSR

A way valve is a proportional directional control valve. It has integrated position control and provides direct control of hy­draulic positioning cylinders. more

T-WSR Tandem Way Valve

Voith Tandem Way Valve Type T-WSR

A tandem way valve is a way valve with two control magnets (dual coil system). The control magnets are connected in series and create a redundant unit. more

WSM Way Valve Module 

Voith Way Valve Module Type WSM

A way valve module consists of two way valves connected in parallel which cre­ates a fully redundant system. more

SMR Control Servo Motor

Voith Control Servo Motor Type SMR

A control servo motor is a linear electro-hydraulic actuator. It operates a valve that controls the mass flow needed to drive machinery. more

SelCon Self-Contained Linear Actuator/Linear Drive

SelCon Self-contained Linear Actuator, Electraulic Linear Drive

The SelCon is a self-contained, electrohydraulic linear actuator for control valves on gas turbines, steam turbines or for process valves. It has an integrated fail-safe function and operates without an external oil supply. more

EMA Electromechanical Linear Actuator

Voith Electromechanical Drive Type EMA, Electromechanical Linear Actuator

The EMA is an electromechanical linear actuator for control valves on gas turbine, steam turbines or for process valves. It has an integrated fail-save function (spring) and is oil-free. more

TripCon Trip Block

Voith Trip Block TripCon

The trip block is an extremely flexible electro-hydraulic safety control unit, which is used for releasing the trip valves on steam turbines, gas turbines and in process-related equipment. more

CTo Overspeed Protection

Voith Overspeed Protection Type CTo

The overspeed protection system detects overspeed and actuates a hydraulic positioning cylinder directly. This cylinder opens or closes a trip valve. more

Turcon DTc Steam Turbine Controller

Dampfturbinen-Regler TurCon DTm

The TurCon DTc is a configurable digital compact controller, which can be used on a wide range of steam turbines. The controller is pre-engineered and supports all established control modes. more

TurCon DTm
Steam Turbine Controller

Steam Turbine Controller TurCon DTm

The TurCon DTm is a configurable digital controller which can be used on a wide range of steam turbines. It is pre-engineered and supports all established control modes. more