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Reach your destination faster with brakes:

Voith Retarders

Retarder - Bus

Not just the brake is in action when trucks and busses come to a stop: When retarders by Voith are used, up to 90% of all braking operations can be achieved without any wear. Your brake is always available when the situation gets dicey. The benefits are numerous: More comfort, reduced wear, less time spent in the shop, higher average speeds, and increased transport capabilities. And the environment is happy, having to deal with up to 80% less brake dust. Arrive alive!

From 7.5 to 250 tons - Voith has the right retarder for all your trucks and buses. See for yourself.



Offline Retarder

Voith Offline Retarders (peak-period retarder) work with a translation. In other words, the retarder speed is higher than the drive shaft. Offline retarders are very compact and exhibit great braking force even at low speeds.

Inline Retarder

Voith inline retarders are installed directly onto the transmission or freely to the driveline. They are connected to the vehicle universal joint shaft.


  • Attached to the gearbox
  • Propshaft unchanged
  • PTO’s freely accessible
  • own oil supply


  • Attached to the gearbox
  • Own oil supply
  • Ideal for retrofitting

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Diagnose-Software WinDia

Diagnosis Software WinDia
Version 2.0 (2013-05-24)
(Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7)

For Voith Retarder control units
Digiprop, VERA and RCM

Codes for Digiprop and VERA (2014-09-17)

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Operating principle

Simple, reliable, effective:
This is how the Voith Retarder works

Two blade wheels in the hydrodynamic Retarder face each other. The rotor is connected to the prop shaft of the vehicle via the Retarder input shaft, the stator to the stationary housing of the Retarder. In braking mode, there is oil between the blade wheels. The oil is accelerated by the rotor and decelerated in the stator. This also decelerates the rotor, thus braking the vehicle. The heat generated by the brakes is quickly and effectively dissipated via the vehicle cooling system - without having a negative influence on surrounding components.

Animation - This is how the Voith retarder works (0.30 MB)
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We probably will not see each other often. But, when we do, you will be happy. Because no matter what needs to be done, our experts will make sure that everything is running. It starts with installation and is far from over when service and repair are finished. At the Voith retarder workshop in Crailsheim and everywhere else in the world.

Compare us based on our services

  • Retrofitting a retarder
  • Diagnosis in the vehicle and development
  • Replacement and repair
  • Repair of delivered retarder (all model series)
  • Diagnosis and function test of individual components
  • Worldwide delivery of Voith original spare parts as well as replacement and basic retarders


Our service hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

Hardtstraße 8
74564 Crailsheim
Deutschland, Germany

Technical Support
Tel. +49 7951 32-1555
Fax +49 7951 32-1506 

Ordering spare parts
Tel. +49 7951 32-1644
Fax +49 7951 32-756

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Oil list

Voith Retarders
Oil list
September 2015

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Eaton transmissions


Voith has been your primary contact for Eaton and Fuller transmissions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic since 1999.

Our services features:

  • Replacement transmissions from our warehouse or from Eaton, Poland
  • Repair of delivered Eaton and Fuller transmissions in our workshop with Eaton original parts
  • Eaton original spare parts
  • Ancillary drives and spare parts
  • Transmission pick-up and redelivery for repair in our workshop 
  • Pre-exchange transmission, invoicing repair costs
  • Factory-processed AT coupling for all makes
  • Specialists for Eaton auto shift transmissions


Doris Präg
Tel. +49 7951 32-611
Fax +49 7951 32-773
Cell +49 151 2771 7148

Per Mommertz
Tel. +49 7951 32-1685
Fax +49 7951 32-773
Mobil +49 151 2771 6697 

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Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG
Commercial Vehicles
Hardtstraße 8
74564 Crailsheim
Deutschland, Germany

Tel. +49 7951 32-622
Fax +49 7951 32-574


Technical Service
Tel. +49 7951/32-1555
Fax +49 7951/32-1506

Ordering spare parts
Tel. +49 7951/32-1644
Fax +49 7951/32-756

Retarders for trucks

Service Information System (Extranet)

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Voith Retarder product programme

Voith Retarder product programme

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