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Composites in the Oil and Gas Industry


Fiber reinforced synthetic materials such as CFRP or GFRP offer an enormous potential for their usage in the oil and gas industry. The main value of these materials lies in their specific strength and stiffness along with their outstanding media resistance. For specialized solutions, we are always available for you to offer support and consultation.

Longer Drilling Reach with CFRP Drilling Pipes

A very good example for the usage of composites in deep drilling technology for oil and gas as well as geothermal is carbon drilling pipes. During our highly intensive development phase, we have gained considerable experience due to our extensive collaborations with many major companies of the oil and gas industry. A result of working closely with the industry is that we have developed exceptional solutions for the transmission of forces between metallic connecting elements (Tooljoints) and composites.

Sensor Transparency and Resistance against Corrosion through Composites

Another example for the usage of Composites in the oil and gas industry is specialised solutions that are comprised of fibre composite materials which exhibit transparency with regard to sensors for geological measurements. Applications that were once impossible with metallic materials are now made possible with glass and carbon fibre. We are able to offer you solutions with our broad know-how regarding force transmission, production technology and simulation methods from the product development process to series production.
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