Steinbeis Papier Gl├╝ckstadt: Voith LEF technology allows 37% energy savings in flotation

At Steinbeis Papier GmbH in Glückstadt, Germany, the existing AP3 primary flotation system was upgraded to Voith LowEnergyFlotation (LEF) Technology at the end of 2012. Thanks to the rebuild, energy savings of 37% could be achieved at the flotation pumps, while flotation quality remained constant regarding the degree of whiteness, dirt specks and fiber loss.
In the course of the rebuild to LEF technology, the flotation cell injectors and the flotation pumps were improved in terms of hydrodynamics and dimensioned for optimum efficiency. The existing injectors were replaced by LEF injectors, and the flotation pumps were equipped with new LEF impellers. Contractually agreed measurements of the energy consumption before and after the rebuild confirmed the energy savings promised by Voith, which was also documented in a report.

The rebuild is part of an extensive, ambitious energy efficiency program of Steinbeis Papier GmbH. "As a sustainable company in the recycled paper industry, we want to take full advantage of all production possibilities to reduce energy consumption," says Dr. Michael Hunold, Production Manager at Steinbeis Papier GmbH.

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