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Papermaking for generations

    For 150 years, Voith has been passionate about the production and ongoing development of paper.

    Papermaking of the future

    Over the generations we have satisfied the constantly changing requirements imposed by consumers and markets and have played a crucial role in the development of our industry. This is why we know that now is the time to scale new heights as we head into the future. And we will do so by using innovative technologies, developing intelligent products and new services and exploiting all the potential inherent in networking and digitization. This is what we are working towards, with our team of dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate people who are committed to ensuring your success. Day by day. Now and in the future.

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    What we understand by Papermaking. Next Level

      Full-line Supplier

      As a full-line supplier, Voith generates crucial added value for its customers. We design systems from a single source and cover all areas of paper manufacturing. It all interacts perfectly so that we can make paper production more profitable.

      We design systems from a single source for the entire paper machine life cycle. At Voith we make sure that it all interacts perfectly - we reduce interfaces, take care of project management and in this way reduce inefficiencies and costs. We cover all areas of paper manufacturing - from BlueLine stock preparation through XcelLine paper machines to smart, proactive servicing and the integration of Papermaking 4.0.

      Through fast machine startup and smooth process handling, we improve our customers' profitability. And by looking after the machine over its entire life cycle, we ensure its greatest possible availability at all times.

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      Papermaking 4.0

      Voith is already offering real product solutions that facilitate intelligent, interconnected paper manufacturing. With our Papermaking 4.0 concept, we are linking up equipment and virtual systems - which is the key to a paper manufacturer's future success.

      For our customers, we are not just constantly looking to the future but are already offering specific product solutions that enable smart papermaking. For example, our Papermaking 4.0 concept connects equipment and virtual systems in paper production and therefore gives our customers the key to further success.

      We work with our customers to implement cutting-edge solutions step by step. Our modular system enables a smooth, customized and no-risk transition to digitization. In the process we produce real-time data systems and robust networks, look after IT security and develop customized 4.0 systems. In a nutshell: we support our customers on their journey towards the smart factory.
      By means of four phases - visualization, stabilization, optimization and maintenance - we improve machine availability and flexibility with solutions like OnCare and OnEfficiency. Through ongoing development and improvement of hardware and intelligent software, we enhance process efficiency and ultimately, the productivity of our customers.

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      We don't just offer our customers service; we offer them tailored service solutions. Servolution is the complete service that intelligently meets the requirements of customers in the paper industry – giving them a first-class customer experience. This is what we mean by Servolution – Service at the next level.

      Service + Evolution = Servolution

      At Voith, the success of the customer takes center stage. Service means delivering customized service solutions and utilizing our full expertise to help him reach his goals.

      Our tailored service packages focus on results. We improve performance, increase productivity and meet output objectives for our customers’ paper mill. Our global service sites and novel smart technologies allow us to work proactively. We are developing predictive service tools allowing us to know in advance when and where maintenance or optimization measures are needed in a paper mill. This is what we mean by service at the next level.

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      As an innovation leader, Voith has the technologies to make paper production smarter and more sustainable. We work with our customers to develop product and service solutions that are precisely matched to the challenges and needs of the market.

      From idea to product

      We work with our customers to develop individual product and service solutions. Thanks to the intelligent combination of the machine and the Papermaking 4.0 system, we improve processes and reduce the use of resources. Using our programs we simulate and optimize the implementation of ideas and as a result decrease development costs.

      To subsequently test everything in a safe environment and define the ideal machine configuration and optimum use of materials for the customer, we have set up pilot plants worldwide. This is where we can develop and test innovative products and processes in collaboration with our customers.

      Our Research and Development activities are conducted in a worldwide network. As a globally operating company, we are able to exploit the potential of different influencing factors and cultures to generate innovations that bring our customers to the next level of papermaking.

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        We are your expert for all paper grades

        Paper accompanies us daily, whether it’s during our morning reading, when paying at the supermarket check-out or while packing gifts. Without paper, the world as we know it today would be utterly unthinkable.

        Voith knows the demands that the various paper grades make of a paper machine and supplies both individual components as well as the entire machine for their production. Thanks to our know-how, we are in a position to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the paper industry, for example, if a new security feature on bank notes is introduced or if packaging materials are to be made more stable. For many years together with our customers, we have been successfully developing solutions that meet the increasing demands for paper products and are at the same time both ecological and economically efficient.

        Servolution. Service at the next level for your paper production

          A worldwide network of Voith specialists provide a tailored service which is supported by the knowledge and experience gained from years of paper industry experience.

          Contact your personal industry expert

            From ordering spare parts, to planning a modification: our employees are wherever our customers are.


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              Product of the month

                From the fiber to the finished paper we offer a diverse product portfolio for any application. In order to give you an insight into our product world, we present one product for the paper industry every month. Find out more about our current product of the month.

                Great people working in interesting projects

                  The tasks at Voith vary greatly, but there is one thing that all Voith employees have in common: their passion for the company and technology.

                  Digital data collection and analysis are powerful tools for being able to service paper machines even better in the future and for enhancing productivity. But there is one thing that they cannot replace: the experience of service engineers. One of these engineers is Helmut Widauer.

                  Helmut Widauer, Service Center Director Austria
                  The next generation of data analysis is giving rise to powerful tools that we can use for better machine and process control. However, a lot of experience is needed to interpret the data correctly. We benefit every day from the wealth of experience that Voith has gathered over 150 years.
                  Helmut Widauer, Service Center Director Austria
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