Stabilization with unsteady web run or web flutter

The VentiStabilizer stabilizes the web if there is an unsteady web run or edge flutter in the two-tier dryer section. Edge flutter is therefore eliminated and the frequency of breaks reduced.

Through use of a VentiStabilizer, the paper web is stabilized in the area of the dryer fabric. Stabilization of the paper web takes place by means of a vacuum (up to -100/-150 Pa), which is created by an ejector effect behind the dryer fabric in the stabilization zone. In addition, the MultiSeal mechanical seal prevents the boundary air layer carried along with the dryer fabric from getting into the stabilization zone. The VentiStabilizer brings dry hot air into the pocket to absorb the water vapor, and the moist air within the machine is reduced. It reduces the number of breaks and increases runnability.

The VentiStabilizer is used in two-tier dryer sections of paper machines.


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