Voith EOS

Voith EOS

Less energy for plant ventilation

The Voith EOS energy optimization system saves power and steam in new and existing plant ventilation systems, while the modular design allows gradual improvement of efficiency.

With the Voith EOS, the amounts of supply and exhaust air, as well as the consumption of hot water in a plant ventilation system, are adjusted exactly to the need and load. This saves steam and power, thereby lowering the primary energy requirement. In addition, the performance of integrated heat recovery systems is noticeably increased due to the improved control of temperature and water quantities, which further reduces consumption of fresh steam.

In comparison to most existing systems that are controlled via an outside temperature matrix or heat curve, energy optimization with the Voith EOS can save several hundred thousand euros per year. Voith experts estimate the saving potential with a special simulation tool.

The Voith EOS can be used in new and existing plant ventilation systems.


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